Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Vintage PC Cards Arrive

I do a daily search of Virdon stuff on eBay.  For years these next two items have not been listed even once.  Oddly enough both of them appeared at the same time.  (different sellers)

This is a 1962 Shirriff Coin.  I didn't think I would ever see one of these.  When I did I pounced and outbid everyone.  I still thought I got a good deal though.  It looks exactly like the more common Salida coin.  Same picture and everything.

 The only difference is the back has Shirriff Potato Chips on it instead of Salida.  Shirriff is or was a Canadian chip company so the seller I got this from was from north of the border. 

The second Virdon card I received in the mail was a 1962 Jello card.  It looks exactly like the Post Canadian card only it doesn't have the Post logo at the top.  Evidently Jello wasn't sold near as much as other Post products cause in over 2 years this is the first one that has been listed on eBay.  It cost me about $9 after shipping.


1967ers said...

That coin was part of the Capital Sports listing, I bet. Those were really interesting. Shirriff is known mainly for hockey. I'd never even seen the baseball ones,

Nice pickup!

AdamE said...

The same seller had a whole bunch of them listed at the same time so it could have been.