Tuesday, January 15, 2019

It is not very often I add a yankees item to the collection.  But every now and then a Bill Virdon yankee item comes up that a just have to have. 

That is a yankees payroll check from 1975 paid to Bill Virdon.  

I haven't decided what I am going to do with it yet.  For now it is in the display case with my Virdon Spring Training bat.  The handle blocks off most of the check though and leaves the yankees logo sticking out the top; I don't like that.  

I also know someone that has a Virdon check from Topps.  If  I can ever convince the guy to sell it maybe I'll frame them together.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Confession Time

Hi my name is Adam and I'm a horrible collector. 

It has been 4 years since I put anything into a binder.  

4 years ago started a box labeled "Virdon Cards to be bindered.  

I also started another box labeled "Red Sox checked need put away".  So I guess I put away cards without putting them away.

I have everything shipped to my office and my drawer is now overflowing. 

The picture doesn't really do this drawer justice.  There are about thirty-four Virdon pictures in that one stack at the top alone.  Many of them are 8x10s but some are postcard sized and some are half sheets.  that Pedroia and Boggs up front; stuffed team bags and there are more of them wedged in the back of the drawer. 

I have so much at my office now that I have started storing cards in a second drawer.  

So yeah, I am a horrible collector but I am a great accumulator!  

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Happy Boxing Day

Another Christmas means another boxing day.  Like past years I'm going to treat you to some boxing cards.  I scanned the fronts and the backs because I'm sure many of these sets are new to most that might read this. 

1911 Wills Boxers Young Cohen

Since Boxing day originated in England I am starting of with a card from England.  Most people think that boxing day is the day you bring boxes you don't want back to the store.  While that is probably accurate today that isn't what it originally was.  It started as a holiday for servants where they got the day off and received a Christmas box.  They didn't get Christmas on Christmas because they were busy taking care of their employers.  This is a mini card. Like a Ginter mini but a little shorter. 

I don't know anything about this set other than I found this card on COMC for $2.  It is 107 years old and in such good shape.  I have nothing else that is over a century old in this good shape.  I also don't know much about Young Cohen. It looks like he was a journeyman fighter with a 9-9-1 career record.  Originally I thought this was a card of the Mob Boxer Micky Cohen but then realized it was way to old.

If you got Chocolate at Christmas I bet you are not boxing it up and bringing it back.  I'm surely not bringing this back.  This was the last card in my 1948 Leaf Boxing Set.  (the Rocky Graziano SP doesn't count)  Yes you read that correct, I built a 70 year old set.  You're probably thinking yeah boxing cards are cheap and in most cases you would be correct.  But this set has some real big names in it that are not cheap. (Dempsey, Jeffries, Johnson, Schmelling, Lewis, Tunney, Baer, Sullivan, LaMotta)

The back is just like a 48 leaf baseball card.  (the front is allot the same also)  They both have the same layout, font, text size everything.  The differences are where this one says "KNOCK-OUT BUBBLE GUM" the baseball cards say "ALL-STAR BASEBAL GUM".  Under that the boxing cards say "Collect this series of Boxing Greats" and the baseball cards say "Collect this series of Diamond Greats".  The mail in offer is even exactly the same only the substitute Knock-Out cards for Basecall cards.   

1938 Churchman Joe Lewis
 Sticking with set finishing cards this finished off my 38 Churchman set.  Yes I finished an 80 year old set.  These are a ton cheaper than 48 Leaf.  If you wanted to start collecting vintage boxing I would suggest starting here.

My grandma is 93 years old and loves boxing.  She has told me many times about how she used to sit in the living room and listed to Joe Lewis fights on the radio with her family.  

1910 ATC Champion Athlete and Prizefighters
Man, his set's name is a handful to say.   I guess that is why it is just shortened to T220 Mecca.  Those spots are not just spots, they are mold. 

Read the write up on this fight.  How crazy is that a 42 round draw.

1910 ATC Champion Athlete and Prizefighter - Pal Moore
No mold here but there is wome water damage to go with those creases.  

 This is Philadelphia Pal Moore who was one of the "Fighting Moore Brothers".  They were 7 brothers that all fought.  (though some not successfully and some as bare knuckle only fighters.)  How is that for a rough childhood.

1951 Ringside Bob Montgomery
Most people haven't heard of Bob Montgomery but he is a Hall of Fame lightweight.

I've always thought the number being inside of a glove was really cool on the 51 Ringside cards.  

1964 Salina Stamp Jim Braddock

Braddock is better known as "The Cinderella Man" from the movie.  If you haven't seen it go find somewhere to stream/rent it and watch it today!  Amazing story.  This is a regular old stamp so I'm not going to scan the back you have seen the back of a stamp before.

1996 Ringside Gold Spotlight Signatures - Vinny Pazienza
1996 Ringside is another good boxing started set.  The easiest way to get this set is to trade for my dupe set.  I built this set along with all the insert sets.  Trying for inserts I built a whole extra set.  (or 3 but I'm down to one extra set now)  I finally gave up and bought the Gold Carbajal card though it took about 15 years to find one. There is something about boxers and amazing stories.  The Vinny The Pazmanian Devil has a movie Bleed for This made about him because of his crazy life and comeback.  This card is autographed though you can hardly see it.  

Stop here and read the back of that card.  See what I mean about comeback.  After this card was made he went on to win two World Championships.  

This isn't a normal run of the mill auto either.  This is pulled from a pack.  Instead of a little blurb in writing like card companies do now these had the blurb embossed right on the card.  It doesn't show very good in a scan but you can faintly see the embossed seal between my arrows.  As far as I know I have the whole auto set but there is no list of them anywhere I have found so you never know if another one might pop up. 

Friday, December 21, 2018

That feeling of old cardboard

Don't you just love the feeling of really old cards?  I'm talking all the stuff through the mid 50s.  They are so much thicker and sturdier than all other cards.  Plus old cards are just cool.  Not just mojo cards like this 1950 Bowman Ted Williams but all of them.  

1950 Bowman Ted Williams

(more scanner shenanigans) 

It isn't in the best shape with it's round corners, crease, and some color loss but it is still a 1950 Ted Williams!

The card back uses one of Williams' lesser known nicknames.  Everyone has heard him called "The Splendid Splinter", "The Kid", and "Teddy Ballgame" but you don't see him called "The Thumper" much.  

1936 Goudey Bernie Friberg

Look, someone chewed the gum right off of Bernie's card.

1936 Goudey John Welch

I got this John Welch from the same seller on eBay.  I buy cards from this guy all the time.  Well not all the time but at least a couple time a year.  Usually everything he sells is in pretty bad shape.  This one looks really good, until you turn it over.

1936 Goudey

Whoever the kid was that had this card back in 1936 was on top of it.  Welch played for the Red Sox from 1932-1936.  He only played 9 games for the Sox in 36 before being released and then picked up by Pirates where he appeared in relief 9 times which concluded his playing career. So whoever did the writing on this card probably did it during that short 9 game window.  

1940 Playball Harry Hooper

Harry here has seen better days too.  It looks like a dog got his card, took a bite, and decided to spit it out.  You can see what looks like teeth marks running the length of the card.  But my binder won't care about those teeth marks one bit.

1933 Goudey Rick Ferrell

 This card has definitely seen better days, not to mention some liquid.  Even tough it has a stain from liquid on it it feels just as sturdy as all the other old cardboard.  Pour some water on  a new card and see how it holds up.  I bet it doesn't last another 85 years like this one has.

1934 Goudey Bill Werber

 This was the last 1936 Goudey I needed for the team set.  Except for T205 this is my oldest complete team set.  They seem to be cheaper than most other old cardboard.  For one there is no Williams you have to shell out major cash for and all the regular cards have that picture of Gehrig in mime makeup.  A yankee mime.  I can't believe I even bought them.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Major Hit 1/1

So I thought I would do a little test.  Does throwing 1/1 on a post draw in a bunch of extra readers?

It works for eBay.  At least people think it does.   I'll soon find out.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Issues with Team Issues

I have problems with team sets.  First of all, most of them have no markings on them so it's hard to figure out what year there are from.  There are also sometimes subtle differences that are hard to catch like their name is spelled in ALL CAPS or with Just The First Letters Capped.  Sometimes they will use the exact same card of a players for years in a row while changing the photo used on the rest of the team.  All in all it is a pain to track down team issues.    

I picked up a Pirates Team set that I haven't been able to identify.  There are 9 cards, all with facsimile autographs, which I am assuming it is a complete team set but I don't know for sure.  All the photos on them I have seen used on different sets before like 60s Jay Publishing, 61 Kahn, and 64 Sports Science and they are all semi glossy with a blank back.  The real kicker though is that they are all 3.5 x 2.5 and I can't find any early 60s team issues that are that size.  So what are they?

EDIT:  Somehow I broke the blog.  Don't know why the funny letter background change is happening. 

So when you come across something like this how do you identify it? Maybe throwing it on a blog and pleading for help will work.  Probably not when I only have a few dozen readers.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Something Quick, Something Game Used

Today I have a sick kid.  All my kids are different.  It's crazy that they are all raised exactly the same way by the same people and are soooo different.  Different in the way they act, their tastes, their looks, their moods, everything about them is different.  The only way they are alike is that they are all pretty smart, though even their smarts are different.  One of mine is is great at math, one is great at reading and writing, and the third is just in kindergarten so while I can tell she is smart it's hard to tell what is going to be her forte.  (as you can tell that writing thing didn't come from me)  All that said I have one kid that is A WHOLE LOT whinier that they other two. Guess which kid I get to stay home with?  Lucky me.  So I'm doing a quick one. 

Still battling the scanner.  It took like 10 minutes to edit this photo and it still looks off.  Somehow it got squished top to bottom but not left to right.  It's like an 8x8 now.  I'll get it right one of these days.

This is an 8x10 of Bill Virdon when he was the bench coach for the Astros in 1997.  How can it be 1997 when the little date at the bottom says 2008?  Well for starters he wasn't the bench coach in 2008.  More importantly is I have that shirt.  No I don't mean I have just a white Astros jersey from 1997 I mean I have "That Jersey".

I picked up this Game Used jersey earlier this year.  It is one of my three game used Virdon Jerseys.  Actually it was my 2nd, I got my 3rd afterwards.  Two Pirates and this Astros.  I just need a yankees and an Expos one now.  I'm always afraid to let one get past me because I'm afraid Topps will get hold of it and I will be chasing serial numbered Game Used parallels for years.  I'm going to frame them one day but I don't have any of them framed yet.  On every single one he signed the front of the jersey instead of the back by his number and I want it mounted with his nameplate showing.