Sunday, April 10, 2011

Maybe I'm The Craigslist Idiot

The area I lived in Missouri was so unpopulated that a local search of Craigslist had nothing in it.  Now that I live in a big city ANYTHING can be found on Craigslist.  Much to my wife's dismay I found some cards in Craigslist.  I called the guy and struck a deal.  This is want I brought home.

That looks like 1987 Topps but it is not.  It is 1987 Topps for our neighbors to the north, O-Pee-Chee.  I got it for what I think is a good price too.  Now the only question is what to do with it.  Do I:

Bust it, keep the Sox and trade off the rest?
List in on eBay where there currently are no boxes of it for sale?
Group Break it?

I like the last idea most if I could find some takers.  I could do it pretty cheap, shipping plus a buck would do it.  With a Bonds RC in it I may even get a taker for the Pirates.  Anyone interested????


Anonymous said...

Put me down for the Reds if you decide to do a group break.

(...Joe) said...

I'd be down for the Mets if you do the group break.

night owl said...

I've got a bunch of Dodgers from this set, but don't know if I have all of them. If I need a fair amount, I'll be in.

- d said...

I'd be up for the Reds, er, rats! Taken.

I'd be up for the Tigers and Cubs.

Laurens said...

Hopefully it isn't resealed.