Sunday, April 17, 2011

Best Mailday of 2011

The same day Greg over at Night Owl posted about an awesome lot of vintage he received, I received a package from Ryan of "O" No!!! Another Os Blog.  It was the best package I have got all year.  

First off it contained a whole team set of 63 Fleer.

Yes it only consisted of 3 cards but we're talking about 3 cards from almost 50 years ago.

One of which is Yaz.  It is in no means mint condition but that is okay with me.  It makes it easier for me to put in my vintage binder without remorse. 

I don't know allot about some of the Red Sox that came before my time.  So what I know about Monbouquette is that he has an extremely long hard to pronounce last name and he is the last guy I need to complete my 1960 Topps team set.  he has been the only one I needed for over a year now.  Why I don't just buy one on eBay I don't know but I have been waiting to find one at a card show or to get one in trade.

I know lots of people love 1962 Topps but it is one of my least favorite sets ever.  I still want all the Red Sox though.

That is why 1962 Topps cards that are bent, have paperloss, and are a little bit moldy are great pickups for me.  I can't put any money in this set at all and these two examples fit right in with the rest of the 62s I already have.  Heck 1991 Fleer looks better than 62 Topps.  ditto for 2011 Heritage  (I put that 1962 Topps comment in a comment on someones blog a few months ago and got blasted for a week, lets see how much hate mail I get this time.)

I don't feel compelled to look up old ballplayers but when the posting well runs dry you look them up.  I did this with Conley and was glad I did so.  I didn't realize he was the same Gene Conley that played for the Celtics. 

I can't remember who it was at the moment but somebody the other day said how boring 65 Topps was. Myself I don't dislike it at all.  I mean baseball is all about winning pennants and 1965 gives you one with every single card.  Cardboard greatness.

Ryan didn't just send vintage he sent a small stack of new stuff to but the vintage was so great that I didn't scan any of them.  

Thanks Ryan for all the great cards!


Offy said...

I had no clue who Gene Conley was until he was a free autograph guest at the big card show they used to have at my high school. I saw that he played for the Red Sox, so I bought a picture and got the autograph. Went on to research who he was about found out about the two sport thing. He's the only player to win championships in two different sports. Take that Bo! (Brian Jordan was better anyway.) Now I pick up Conley cards whenever I can and got a '61 from the Million Card Giveaway.

night owl said...

'91 Fleer looks better than '62 Topps? Yup, you killed all your credibility with that one.