Monday, April 11, 2011

So Lets Group Break This Thing

Since I have so many takers already I'm going to group break the box of 1987 O-Pee-Chee I bought.  The price is going to be a whooping $3 for a regular team and $3.50 for the Pirates or A's.  You can PayPal it to eichenberg071403 at hotmail dot com

It is hard to tell in the scan but this thing is still shrunk wrapped.  It has a 9.99 price tag on the shrink wrap that is really old.  If it was opened searched and resealed it happened 20+ years ago. 

Here is the list of takers so far.

1. Angels -
2. Athletics -
3. Rangers -
4. Mariners -
5. White Sox -
6. Indians -
7. Royals -
8. Twins - Heartbreaking Cards (paid)
9. Tigers - Potch Weeler
10. Red Sox - Thoughts And Sox
11. Yankees - BA Benny
12. Blue Jays -
13. Orioles -
14. Cubs - Potch Weeler
15. Cardinals - 
16. Brewers - Collectors Crack (paid)
17. Pirates -
18. Astros -
19. Reds - Writers Journey (paid)
22. Padres -
21. Dodgers - Night Owl
22. Giants - 
23. Braves - Cardboard Collections (paid)
24. Expos -
25. Mets - The SandLot (paid)
26. Phillies -


Cardsplitter said...

Can you save me a Red Sox double for my type set?

cynicalbuddha said...

I'm in for the Brew Crew. I'll send my addy with the payment.

Colbey said...

Why not? I'll take the Braves. Payment coming shortly.

BA Benny said...

Yankees please.

Matt F. said...

I'll take the Twins. Payment coming this evening.

dogfacedgremlin said...

If I didn't already have a ton of these, I'd be in too actual point was how many box breaks do you see anymore where the A's and Pirates garner a "premium" entry fee. I just found that amusing.