Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exorcising Demons

Years ago I started keeping track of baseball standings on the side of a file cabinet in my office.  Instead of water-cooler baseball talk, baseball talk concentrated around my desk.  People would stop by just to see what the standings were.  

I don't currently have an office so I haven't been tracking baseball standings.  With my teams horrible start I felt something must be done.  So a spot has been cleared off the refrigerator for me.  Something has to turn this horrible season start around and if this is what it takes I am willing to do my part.


**I didn't do this until after today's game had already started so hopefully it goes into effect tomorrow cause they lost horribly again today.


SpastikMooss said...

Seriously, let's go Sox!

Also I just noticed that your little profile box still says Missouri. Might want to change that at some point.

AdamE said...

I hadn't realized that it showed my location. It is now changed.


dawgbones said...

I think Boston is waiting on Boston's season to start!! Come on, they'll win against the Yankmees this weekend, wait and see... and I can't believe I get a package from you from clear across the country in like 2 days, and I can't get a package from Spankee, right across the river, in less than a week!! (must have got stuck in tunnel traffic Spankee!! LOL)