Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Refractors For Trade

I picked up some more refractors to trade.  Take a look and let me know if you want any of them.  
O' know another Os blog has first dibs on the Os and Rhubarb has dibs on the Twin if they need them.  Also I have 2 Cruz, Kinsler, and  Gallardo.  The last 3 are green refractors numbered to 299.

Email or comment if you need any. 

There are also a few refractors and gold cards still available a few posts down.


(...Joe) said...

Oh man, if I can grab the Santana and Castillo again that'd be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Nice call - I could use the Gambino, thanks.

camclow said...

If I could get the Gallardo and McCutchen that'd be great! I'll see what I can get you!

Cameron @ Cardboard Heaven

AdamE said...

So far Santana, Castillo Gamino, Mccutchen, Inge, Dlugach, and one of the Gallardos has been claimed.

Everyone should take a look at the batch from the other day to. I can't believe nobody claimed the Chipper yet.

Don WickedOrtega said...

McCutchen still there?