Wednesday, April 6, 2011


While the Red Sox season starts out in crapper I have recently aquired some more Virdon cards and that seems like a better thing to talk about than the season so far.  This means that I must now subject you to them.  First up is a 1963 Kahn's Hot Dog card.  Hence the post title.

As you can see this card isn't in the best shape.  Not only does it have a few creases it has multiple stains.  Rather than tell you want kind of disturbing stain it is I am going to leave that to you.

Here is the back of the wiener card.  Normally I wouldn't show the back of a card but I figure that not many people have seen a 63 Kahn's card so this is the first oppertunity to see the back.  As you can see it is pretty plain although it does have a little more personal stuff than a normal Topps card; there may be other sets that have an ancestry section but I have not noticed it before.  It also shows all his minor league stats.  I find it odd that they mention his 62 Gold Glove but not his 55 ROY. 

I also picked up this Virdon postcard.  Now I don't know much about this thing other than it looks like it is a team issue.  With no print date on it all I know for sure is that it was issued after 1992.  If anyone has more insight please let me know. 

Here is the back because I'm in a scanning mood....

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