Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sandlot Cards

I got a great package from The Sandlot.  All it took me to get all this great stuff was some Mets cards.

Joe sent some Vintage,  Upper Deck Vintage.  I'm always glad to get a Nomar.  I have noticed that people are getting a little less stingy with their Nomar cards.  This makes me happy.

What is this a white 07 Topps Chrome?  That is because it is a numbered refractor.  I'm guessing that people start unloading their Manny cards soon.  Surely his retirement will cause a shuffle of peoples cards.  I'll take all the Red Sox ones everyone is willing to part with.

Another Manny Chrome, this one is a Turkey Red Chrome Parallel.  I don't remember how these came though.  Is it a parallel of Chrome or a parallel of Turkey Red?

This next card makes me think of Thanksgiving at my grand-in-laws.  That is because all food at my grand-in-laws is deep fried, even the Thanksgiving turkey.  And this is a Crispy Turkey Red card.

He also sent a bunch of 06 Bowman Heritage Mini cards.  I scanned it next to the Crisp so that you could see the size difference.

This is a mini card also scanned by itself so it looks supersized.  Funny thing is I just sent a few of these Bowman minis to Rhubarb the day before I got this package.  Mark Lorretta looks exactly like someone I went to high school with in this card. 

This is my favorite card of the package.  Not only is it a mini Lester RC it is a mini Lester SP RC. 


Lastly I'm showing a 06 Bowman Heritage Game Used Curt Schilling.  It is kind of an odd picture with his hat covering his eyes.  As much of a folk hero he has become in Boston for his 04 playoff performances I have found he is as big or bigger here in Phoenix. 
Thanks for all the great stuff Joe.

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