Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cards from BigD

I sent a bunch of Elway cards to BigD of Hey That's Mine right before I moved.  It was an attempt to get them to someone that wanted them before I dumped all my unwanted cards cause I didn't want to move them.  He sent back a package in return.

2011 Topps Team card.  As I am writing this things are looking up.  Youkilis is hitting again and all may be well once again in Red Sox nation. 

It is hard to tell from this scan but this is a parallel of the base set.  I'm not sure what to call it but it has a non-straight edge.  I guess that it is supposed to look like the edge of a ticket.  Good try Topps, but...

This Buchholz was my favorite card of the package.  It is a SP from the 2008 Timeline set.  These have been extremely hard to track down.  This is probably the first one I have added to the team set in about a year.

I'm not sure what this Ortiz insert is from.  It is made by Topps but I have never seen it or one of a different player like it.  Was it from the base set or something else.  With as many blogs as I read I would have thought there was not an insert set that came out I haven't seen but this one slipped by me.  Anyone know what it came from?

Thanks for the great package.

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moremonkeys138 said...

That Ortiz is an insert set from 2009 Ticket to Stardom. I got a few packs of this last week and pulled one of those.