Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again

I have officially returned to blogging.  Some things are still up in the air in the new city but that doesn't mean I can't blog.  What better way to start up again than with a great big Red Sox trade post.  I received 165 new Red Sox from Dan.  Dan has a bran new blog that can be found right here.  Like me he is a Red Sox collector and he has an extensive want list on his site.  Here is a small portion of what he sent:

Starting of a big trade post with some BIG cards.  That's right Topps Big.

 I'm not a card back guy but I know some of you are.  I only look at the backs to see what number a card is.  Or to figure out what year something is.  Pictures, stats, cartoons I don't need them.  That said these ones jumped out at even me.  Not enough to make me want to read them but I had to at least acknowledge them.  I went ahead and scanned the backs for all you card back type of people.

Dan didn't just send me this 1987 Pro Cards Ellis Burks he sent me the whole team set.  I didn't have even one of these before and I knocked it off my checklist in one fatal swoop.  Can't beat that.  Posting Burks cause he is one of my all time favorites. 

You might think that Benzinger is an odd card for me to scan and post but it is an important card to me.   First of all it finishes off my 1988 Toys R Us team set.  Secondly Todd was my favorite player at one time.  Not because of anything he did on the field but because somehow I had lots of his cards.  Since I had so many I kept trying to acquire more.  I remember being proud when I finally filled and entire sheet in the binder with 88 Topps Benzingers. 

Posting this one because I need some help.  What is the difference between the colors in this SP set.  I would break out the Standard Catalog but it is still in a box somewhere.  I figure one of these has to be a base card and the other a parallel.  But which is which.  I have an equal amount of each in other players also.

 Dear Night Owl:  Pedro the way Pedro should look!

Someone was doing posts about peeling or not peeling.  I think it was MattF from Heartbreaking cards but I may be wrong.  Myself I am a non-peeler.  I do have a Finest Garnett RC somewhere that is peeled but that is because I got it for $3 long ago because it was peeled.  Besides, you should keep your Gators behind a protective coating.

What do Trott Nixon and  Abe Alvarez have in common?  They were the last 2 cards to finish off my 2005 Donruss team set.  Nothing like filling in those last empty spots in a binder.

 Lastly I'm posting some cards from a set I missed out on. I don't know how I missed it but I'm guessing they didn't sell retail.  Whatever the reason, I love the 2004 Upper Deck Legends Timeless Teams cards.  Here we have Rice Dewy and Butch.  It is such a great set that UD swiped the design in 08 and used it for part of the Timelines set.  Again I noticed the backs of these cards only this time I didn't scan them.

Thanks for all the great cards Dan. 

Even though I am back to blogging don't expect a post a day from me.  If you don't remember I have never been a post a day kind of guy anyway.  I'm shooting for a post every other day or maybe every third day, we'll see.

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MattR said...

The Topps Big cards were underrated.