Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vintage Trade Bait

My favorite ebay seller had a lot of Exhibit cards that I couldn't resist.  I kept the Red Sox but I have no use for the following cards. 

They have tape marks on them but they are still 50+ years old.  Please make an offer in cards.  (or cash works)  If you want a card and someone already made an offer try to one up it with something better.  Think of this as an auction where you pay in cards.  Make an offer like: 1 vintage Red Sox from your want list, or 10 modern Red Soxs from your want list.  

My want list can be found on the sidebar or right here

Also since I am having a hard time finding Virdon cards I do not have yet, so a Virdon from this list will automatically get you all 3. (except for the 84 Swell card.  I know I can get it for a quarter off of Beckett Marketplace, I just haven't yet)

I'll keep this open till Sunday.

1948 Baseball's Great Hall Of Fame Exhibit
 Good thing I got that Standard Catalog for Christmas.  Since it says Baseball's Great Hall of Fame Exhibit I probably would have got it right but I would have had no idea that this Eddie Plank was printed back in 1948.

1947-66 Exhibits
A normal old Exhibit card, no quirky prefix for Chico Carrasquel's Exhibit.

1939-46 Salutation Exhibit
Again good thing I got that Standard Catalog for Christmas or I would have just said Exhibit card.  Instead I know that this is a Salutations Exhibit rather than a normal Exhibit.  Dayf already sent me some vintagy good stuff a little while back and I had no vintage to repay him.   I had to send him new stuff instead.  So Dayf already has an offer of 3 vintage cards on this one. 

That is all for now but I have a few more that are supposed to be coming so you can expect another of these Vintage Trade Bait posts soon. 


dayf said...

Is the 1956 Topps Bill Virdon you need a white or gray back? I have the gray.

If you don't need that I'll find a Sock from the '50s somewhere for the Holmes. It might be a whole before I can send due to the Hothlanta '11 crisis.

AdamE said...

My 1955 Topps Virdon is Grey backed. So Dayf leads the Holmes auction with 4 Vintage Sox. (two of which were 50s cards)

Greg Zakwin said...


I'll have your stuff out this weekend. I want to tell you what the main draw is so that you don't somehow acquire it before it arrives, but I also want you to be surprised.

Life's a bitch sometimes, isn't it?

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Love that Plank. I gotta find something on your list and make you an offer!