Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Begining to Look Alot Like Christmas

There is a new present under the tree.  About two years after the first rumors Adrian Gonzalez is about to be a Red Sox.  He is costing 4 minor leaguers.  I guess that is not too bad.  I really thought it was going to cost a few players ready for the majors.  After all the doom and gloom when we didn't resign V-Mart, it turns out Theo had a plan all along.  We have the whole starting 9 in place and didn't give up a draft pick to do it.  Not only that but we will gain 4 picks with V-Mart and Beltran leaving.  That is if we don't sign Werth or Crawford.  Personally I don't want to see either of them come to Boston.  I think our OF is fine the way it is.  If I had to pick between the two though I would pick Werth.  Crawford is a little faster but he gets slower every year and will want paid for at least 6 years.  I say pass.  All we need to do now is shore up the bullpen and we can win with this lineup.  The only question is where to bat Gonzalez?  Personally I like:

Salty (abbreviated cause I don't have all day to type his name)

But you could put 3, 4, and 5 in about any order and be productive.


Section 36 said...

Is Cameron not on the team? I must have mssed that.

AdamE said...

Cameron is still on the team, McDonald too, but I would rather start Kalish. I never quite understood the Cameron signing. Us having 5 outfielders is another reason I don't understand chasing Werth/Crawford.

Fuji said...

As a Padre fan... it's sad to see Gonzalez go... but that's just how things roll when you cheer on SD. I'm just glad he's not headed to the Yankees.

Section 36 said...

Ahh. Unfortunately, I don't see them sitting Cameron. I always assumed the reason for chasing Crawford was because Ellsbury was going to SD for Gonzalez. I never understood the Werth signing. But, with Drew and Cameron done after 2011...there are a couple spots open. One looks to be for Kalish. Crawford or werth might be the idea for the other. figure "something" out for a seson, and go for there.

Fuji - Not keeping Gonzalez is an outrage. If they won't spend for him, of all players, they might as well fold. Shame on them.

AdamE said...

They may have to pick up a replacement outfielder this year cause I took at look at next years OF free agents and there are none of note.

Fuji said...

section 36 - you don't have to tell me... i'm used to it though. i'm just thankful that gwynn chose to stay with them his whole career. maybe one day, they'll start digging into their wallets.

Cardsplitter said...

So Youk goes to third? Is Gonzalez that much better than Beltre?

AdamE said...

Chris - Yes Youk to 3rd.

Gonza;ez is projected to have REALLY big numbers in Fenway. His numbers were good in PETCO and it is a pitchers park.

Also - I got the cards today. Thanks!