Thursday, December 16, 2010

Help, I need some advice!!

I picked up some Virdon cards off of ebay.  I have never seen a Venezuelan card in person.  So when I saw some pop up I had to have them.  I'm not at all sure about them though.  This first one was advertised as a 72 Venezuelan Sticker card.  It however doesn't look much like the one that got picked up at the national by the #5 Type Collection.  So does anyone know if this is a legit card.  It actually shipped from Venezuela so it could be.

I scanned it alongside this 64 that I picked up from the same guy so everyone could see the small oddball size.  The 64 was also advertised as a Venezuelan. 

 I was expecting a different language on the back but I'm pretty sure it is legit, cause the back is a different color. 

If anyone has any information on the sticker card I would really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

I believe it's an early Topps Venezuelan card.

Eli said...

From what I found online, that is a legit card from the 1964 Topps Venezuelan 370 card set.

AdamE said...

Here is what makes me think think the 72 may not be legit.

See his 72 Sticker. It is regular size and had a different border.

The 64 I'm sure is the real deal.

dayf said...

'64 is real, I have a few of those and they all look like that.

I think the '72 might be legit too because the one on the #5 collection is not a Topps Venezuelan stamp. Here's the description from my SCD:

Utilizing most of the same photos as the 1972 Topps baseball cards, the 242 player stamps in this set feature only Major Leaguers, though with an over-representation of Hispanics rather than the usual mix of US and local talent. Stamps measure 2" x 2-9/16" and feature tombstone-shaped color photos at center, surrounded by a greem background. The only printing is the player name, team name (In Spanish) and stamp number, all in black. A white border surrounds the whole. Backs are blank and the stamps were meant to be mounted in an album.

Your stamp looks like the sample in the album and #132 is Bill Virdon according to the checklist.

AdamE said...

I found a post that may show it is the real deal.

Odd though that the #5 Type Collection card was normal size and this one is mini. The border matches and the one I got had a blank back. So I'm guessing it is a legit 72 Venezuelan Sticker.

AdamE said...

I put the Standard Catalog of Baseball cards at the topp of my want list for Christmas this year. Hopefully I get it and don't have to ask these kinds of questions anymore.