Friday, November 19, 2010

Follow up to some Night Owl comments...

Some follow up to Night Owl’s 1962 Topps post.  I commented that the 1962 set was awful.  in fact I said it was the worst of all time.  Here are my other least favorite sets followed with my favorites.

Worst Topps sets of all time.

1962 - just plain ugly
1990 – If you can’t tell by looking…
1968 – Looks allot like the 62 set to me. Dull and boring
1971 – the only reason this is here is because of the shape of all 71 cards I see the black borders make them all look worn out. Otherwise I like the way they look
1952 – I know that this is Topps most iconic set but it really does nothing for me. One of the reasons I only own about 3 of them.
1972 – I know there are lots of people that collect this set I just don’t’ understand why.
2008 – Seriously it has poka-dots on every card.

Best Topps sets of all time.

1960 - All Horizontal and two photos per card. Love it.
1975 – So colorful even a colorblind guy like me can enjoy them
1955 – Horizontal with great action pictures plus a close up.
2009 – High on my list just for Topps picture selection. Probably the best picture selection of all time.
1956 – Horizontal? Check. Vintage? Check.
1983 – Nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said.
1967 – Something about he simple design draws me. Plain white borders with some block letters. Sometimes simpler is better.
1963 – Multiple photos with a splash of color on every card.

I know it was a thrown together post jut to get me to the top of everyones blog roll again.  At least it wasn't another trade post.


Cardsplitter said...

You know, I kind of like the 1962 set. Wood paneling is sooo '60s. Or so I lead to believe.

1961 though. Ick.

I agree with most of your bests though. I especially like the 1967 cards too.

Cardsplitter said...

Make that "am lead to believe."

RedSoxCollector said...

I have always really liked the 1961 Topps set, simple and colorful. But maybe it also has something to do with that being the year I really got into card collecting as a kid.

Any one interested in 2008 Topps Moments & Milestones Red Sox cards, I have a ton of dupes, all #/150. 25 cents each plus actual postage, less if you take a bunch. See list at my web site.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

I always liked the 1980 set, very underrated in my opinion, simple design, decent pictures.