Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lifetime Mailday

I have been horrible at posting mail days.  Sorry all that have traded with me.  All my fault.  I'm going to do better and it starts right now.  I received a package the other day from a rather new blog (at least new to me), The Lifetime Project.  I could tell Charlie scoured my wantlist because he didn't send me a single double.  Not only that but he knocked off a bunch of team sets for me.  I have a hole in my collection from 95-99.  I was collecting cards back then, it was actually the heyday of my buying, but I was only buying football. 

These 5 cards finished off my 95 Upper Deck team set.  I like the HOFer Dawson the best.

This Stan Belinda finished off my 05 Fleer Update set.  Since I already had the base series finished this ended my search for any 95 Fleer.

This 96 Conseco finished of my 96 SP set.  I think Jose finished his career in Boston after blowing his elbow out pitching.  I may be wrong though he may have tried a comeback with another team.

96 Upper Deck is now complete also.

Charlie didn't just send mid 90s stuff he also sent some new stuff.  I love the 2007 SP Legendary Cuts base cards.  You can't tell from the scans but that is Vern Stephens and Cy Young.

Lastly this is a 2009 SP Authentic Pedroia.  I have a bunch of 09 SP Authentic but this is the only one I have above card #100.  I was beginning to think that all the high numbered cards were autos.

Thanks for the great trade.


Anonymous said...

Glad we could help each other out!

You can tell from your post when my "off-years" were for collecting - stopped around 97-ish, started up again a couple of years ago. Glad to be back.

Metallattorney said...

Canseco actually played for several more years for a number of different teams. He was traded by the Red Sox back to Oakland for John Wasdin and then played for the Blue Jays, Devil Rays, Yankees, and White Sox. He hit 46 home runs and drove in 107 for Toronto in 1998. He last appeared in the majors in 2001.

I also have something of a gap in the mid 90's that I have been working on.

RedSoxCollector said...

Funny, we all thought Canseco was a bitter, self-promoting liar when he came out with his book "Juiced." Turned out he was the one telling the truth and A-Roid, Palmeiro, Sosa and the others were lying.