Monday, November 29, 2010

Cards from BA Benny

When I started sorting out the cards BA Benny sent me I thought this was a double.  For some reason I looked at the back and found out it was a Traded card. Not only a traded card but the last one I needed.

I'm always happy to get Topps Total cards.  There are so many of them chances are I don't have them yet when I get them.

Every year I try to put together a Topps Gold parallel set.  Evey year I fail miserably.  Here are a few to add to my newest failure.

I don't mind Attax cards.  I enjoy playing the game with my kid.  I don't however like them as inserts in other sets.  At least I don't have to chase anymore from the Update set because this was the last one I needed.

Thanks for all the great cards Mike.  I hope you do good in our fantasy league every week except for when you play me.

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