Thursday, August 20, 2009

Package from across the pond

Blogger has been acting funny lately. For some reason it has only been letting me see posts I am writing in html view. But it is working today so here is a long overdue trade post.

I think that with this package John became my most frequent trade partner, surpassing Tribecards. That is crazy considering we both collect the same thing and he lives in England. here are the goodies he sent.

1974 LL Card. I have a hard time getting these in my checklists. Many times I don't even know these exist till someone mails them to me. Anyone else see that Ellsbury just set the Red Sox team record for steals. Guess who he beat out?

I didn't even have a single card form this set until I got these. In fact I never heard of the set. These are pretty classy looking cards. Not something I would buy but at least they are Red Sox, that makes the crappiest design ok.

For some reason I like these playing card,... cards. Don't know why I just do. This one knocked off the years set and I almost have all of the other years also.

Shiny. What ever happened to Shiny. Seems like the only shiny cards now are refractors or Upper Deck knockoff refractors. With no license UD needs to find something to sell cards. I think it should be by bringing back the shiny. Give us old school SPX and holograms and I will buy cards without logos. Otherwise...

Thanks for all the awesome cards John. I already have another return package ready for you just need to get to the post office..

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