Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Packs 4-6

There were two different wrappers.  I scanned the first for post #1 here is wrapper type number 2.  Not as cool as the say to drugs wrapper. 

Pack 4
158 Ed Romero (Red Sox)
360 Pedro Guerrero (Dodgers)
328 Bob Welch (Dodgers)
92 Mike Witt (Angels)
225 Mike Smithson (Angels)
366 Randy St Claire (Expos)
67 Todd Worrell (Cards)

There were not many yankee cards in the box.  At least we pulled one the most famous ones possible.  (I won't say best, not a Mattingly fan)

Pack 5
229 Don Mattingly (yankees)
203 Butch Wynegar (angels)
100 Steve Garvey (Padres)
188 Rob Deer (Brewers)
230 Don Baylor (Red Sox)
72 Walt Terrell (Tigers)
311 Davey Lopes (Astros)

Pack 6
158 Ed Romero (Red Sox)
288 Tito Landrum (cards)
328 Bob Welch (Dodgers)
351 Andy McGaffigan (Expos)
225 Mike Smithson (Twins)
150 Wade Boggs (Red Sox) x2

At least the double in pack 6 was a HOF Red Sox


1967ers said...

Not sure how many Yankees cards should be expected. There were 396 cards in the set and probably 50 of them were Jays or Expos. There were three checklists and maybe a handful of special cards. Call it 335-340 cards across the remaining 24 teams. That's only 14 cards per team. I don't know the packs in the box, but if we're getting 2/3 of the set, that could reasonably be just 7-8 Yanks.

1967ers said...

OK - looked at your picture of the box. It's a 36-count box at 7 cards per pack. At perfect collation, that's 252 cards. Even distribution would suggest about 8 per team.

AdamE said...

I'm not sure what the total numbers for each team were but I know a few got shorted.

2 yankees
1 Cub
1 Met

BA Benny would have got screwed but the Leaf made up for it though. There were probably 10 different Mets in the Leaf. Quite a few yankees in it too.