Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gordon Strikes Again

I have been without a scanner for a few weeks.  My wife d a new business and to keep costs down instead of buying a new printer she swiped the one from home.  I went and got my old scanner out of storage only to find that I lost the cord for it.  That problem is now solved and I am back to posting.  Though, it will take some practice getting use to the old scanner again as you can see from the poorly cropped scans. 

A while back I got a package from Gordon.  The same Gordon that is in 2nd place in our Card Bloggers Unite Fantasy League.  Every team set collector wants someone to send their doubles to. I am that one  of those guys for Gordon.  I have received many, many packages from him.  I try to repay him in kind but I usually have a hard time finding stuff he doesn't have yet.  Now and then I get lucky and find a few but never very much.  On to the cards...

This is one of the worse ideas for a card set all time.  It would have been ok if they put out a 20th Anniversery set that we could have bout instead of giving us a couple cards per box of everything UD we bought for a year.  I always wondered if certain cards from this set only came out of a certain product.  Like could you only pull numbers 1-200 out of base UD, 201-400 out of First Edition 401-600 out of Spectrum etc.  Someone out there knows.  With the addition of this Papelbon I only need about 150 more to complete my Red Sox team set.

Not sure what this card is or what it does but I can tell it folds or comes apart or something.  It kind of reminds me of one of those Pinnacle 4-In -1 Stand Up cards but I'm not the kind of collector that has to know bad enough to tear it apart to see.

The longer I live here in AZ the more I like Schilling.  He is as much of a cult hero around here as he is in Boston.  Maybe even a little more.  

Do you want to send me a card that I will for sure put on the blog?  Send me a Sportfic that I don't have yet and you can be sure I post it.  Even if it isn't an all time great like Evans.

I've seen these cards on other blogs and wondered what Red Sox were in the set.  Not wondered enough to do a search and find out, just wondered enough to think to myself.  So now I know that there is a Williams card in it.

Yes there are 89 Score that I don't have yet.  Subset cards but it is still almost embarrassing that I still need junk wax era Red Sox cards.  Not so embarrassing that I won't take them off your hands or anything.  I have heard that admitting you have a problem is the first part of healing. So hopefully this will result in a bunch of junk era NEEDS show up in the mail.  Notice the emphasis on Needs.

Thanks for another great package Gordon.  They are always appreciated.   I actually found some stuff for you that will be on the way soon.  At least as soon as I get my lazy self to the PO. 

Same goes to all the group breakers.  Everyone is packaged up, I just need to brave the PO line.


Ryan G said...

You're right about the 20th Anniversary set - there are card number blocks which correspond to different releases in 2009. And I noticed when buying these cards in lots from people, each box contained cards in order by fives. So if someone pulled 8 of them from a box, they could have pulled card numbers 2, 7, 12, 17, 22, 27, 32, and 37.

RedSoxCollector said...

Always a pleasure Adam. Tell your wife good luck and keep me in mind come winter if he is hiring... as a currently unemployed CPA, Arizona would sound pretty good as the Maine winter sets in! - Gordon