Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dan, What A Mailday!! Post 2

Dan, what a mailday post 2 is all the non 3"x2.5" cards.  They are a pain in the ass to store but the oddity of them makes them more appealing to the eye than a regular sized card.  


 Here are two 1986 Donruss All-Star 3x5s.  I keep these in a plastic container that was meant to hold a couple hundred regular sized cards.  It is just the right size though to lay these in flat.  I think they sold cards in these boxes at Walgreens for a while.

 I went back a year in time with my second scan.  1985 Donruss 3x5 All Stars.  Pictured next to a normal sized 85 Donruss Leaf for comparison.

 I never heard of Topps Magazine but evidently there used to be one and it had cards in it.  You can't tell from the scan but there are actually little punch out marks to make these regular sized cards.  I prefer mine un-punched so these will go in the plastic box with the 3x5s.

Some more magazine inserts.  Not Topps magazine however but defiantly Topps knock offs. 1959 and 1967 design.  Unlike the Topps ones these have no punch marks so one is expected to cut real straight with scissors.  Not me though, I shall keep it intact for all time in my little plastic box.

 These are big but not crazy big.  Big as in 50s big.  They used to be a pain to store but Dan sent me all the rest I needed for my team set; that means they now get binder treatment.  They fit just right in a 8 card page.

 I'm not usually a back of the card person but these deserved scanning.  Not only do they have crazy colors they have a great big color cartoon on them.  I'm not sure if these made Greg's card back countdown but they should have.  Especially on a list made up by someone who has a color fetish like the Night Owl.

These Fleer Extra Base cards are the worse shaped card of all time.  They had to have been having a meeting at Fleer one day when someone lost their place in a book.  At that point some intern probably said "isn't there a card shaped like a bookmark?" From that unfortunately there is now.

Here are some 89 Mini Leaders and a 2003 Fleer Double Header.  These 3 Leader cards finished off my team set.  

Next Post will be Stickers.

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