Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dan, What A Mailday!! Post 5 (Late 89s)

I didn't exactly like admitting that I still need some early 80s Red Sox but I am almost embarrassed that I still need late 80s Red Sox.  Not just one or two, I could use hundreds of late 80s Sox.

So here is a sampling of some late 80s stuff I was looking for before Dan helped me out.

I know I did a sticker post already but these are more card than sticker.  They even have a reagular back with stats and all on them.  Plus they feel like a regular.  Actually I can't say that they really are stickers because I never have tried to peel one.  Nope they go straight into the binder.

 I busted an entire box of 87 O-Pee-Chee and I didn't get the team set.  Dan had to bail me out by
 sending the last 4 that I needed.  That is what trade partners are for.  (by the way does anyone need any 87 P-Pee-Chee or Leaf Pirates, Atros, Expos, or Rangers??

 I have been seeing quite a few cards of Mr Boyd ever since my begging post a month ago.  Sadly I don't remember him being an All Star.  Evidently he was though or at least Fleer says so.

 Does anyone know if there are still any Kaybee Toy Stores?  I know I haven't seen one in years. 
 I don't know how I still need so many Sportflics?  It was one of my very favorite sets as a kid but I still need a whole slew of them from every year.  I don't think I have completed one team set of Sportflics yet.

A Canadian card of The Rocket.  Back in 88 I would never of imagined him playing for a Canadian team at some point.  Then again he went on to play for a whole lot worse teams than the Jays.


I will never complete all the little Fleer sets.  There seem to be an endless amount of them.  I don't even know which were extras in packs and which were their own set.  

I'll probably finish both 2008 Documentary and 20th Anniversary sets before I finish off all the little Fleer sets. 


I don't think anyone wants to look at 89 Fleer.  Instead here is the back of the one that Dan sent me.  It is not ordinary 89 Fleer it is part of the update set.  The 80s were riddled with update sets.

 Is this Pacific an early version of the Pacific that showed up in the 90s?  

 Why can't bread come with cards anymore.  Seriously.  My family goes through 2 loafs of bread a week.  That is potentially 104 cards a year I'm missing out on.  Actually I'm probably missing out on more than that.  I'm sure that if bread had cards in it I could come up with excuses to eat more bread.  That or I might find a pond with some ducks that need feeding.

 Swell, was this issued in some product like the JJ Nessen card?  Or was it just a Swell set.  So many cards came out in the late 80s and if they were not in the Beckett I didn't know anything about them.  In fact at one time if it wasn't in Beckett I didn't consider it collectible.  My how things have changed.

I didn't know what Ames was.  I had to Google it.  How did we live before Google.  Hard to imagine my kids will probably never use a dictionary or a set of encyclopedia. 
Oh yeah, Ames was a department store.  Now it is produces lawn and garden products.  The two are in no way related and the history of the garden products is way more interesting than the department store.  Seriously Ames shovels played a big part in American history.  Check it out for yourself

I learned to scan two cards above each other instead of next to each other so that they post better.  I still don't know whey some images are larger than others though. 

I know I had these two cards as a kid.  I know were they went too.  I had a friend who's house burnt down and I gave him all my baseball cards collected strictly football.  I wonder what ever happened to that guy?
More of the many many Fleer small sets.  If I ever collect them all it will be such a big accomplishment that I may have it engraved in my tombstone. 

Here Lies Adam
Collecting all these cards killed him.

This is the least embarrasing scan of the whole post.  These are a Red Sox minor league set from 1989.  Of  all the guys pictured Plantier, Irvine, and Zambrano made it to the next level.  At least those are the ones I have major league cards of.  Plantier played 7or 8 seasons.

How can a self respecting card collector say he needs 89 Donruss?  Because it is Donruss Traded.  See the card in the middle of the scan?  T-7?  That means rare.   Ok maybe not rare to you but rare to me.

You are thinking "Really 89 Fleer?  You are bragging about getting 89 Fleer?"  I know your dog has 89 Fleer lining the bottom of his pen but does he have Fleer Update?  I didn't think so.

This is not your ordinaly 89 Score.  It isn't update either.  It is Score Superstars.  That makes it special somehow.  I'm not sure how because I never saw one of these back in 89.  Actually I don't even know haw they were sold.  As a small set maybe?

Here Lies Adam
One of Adam's biggest goals in life...


Anonymous said...

Oil Can was never an All-Star. Card companies made their own All-Stars back in the day. Tony Bernazard was on an AS card in the 87 Topps set, but he was never an AS either.

The Score Superstars were sold with a book. There were actually two sets, one red border and one blue border...Super Stars and Young Stars or something like that. I've got the books in one of my boxes in the closet. If I ever dig it out I'll scan a few pages for my blog.

night owl said...

Lots of great cards there (except the '89 Fleer, of course). I love oddballs.

AdamE said...

Glad to finally see some comments. 4 posts in a row with no comments is depressing after almost 50 straight with comments.

I love oddballs too.