Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Group Beak Packs 7-9

I had some help opening these. I never opened any 87 OPC but I did a lot of 87 Topps so this brought back some good memories.

He was excited every time we pulled a Red Sox.  HE couldn't understand why there were no D-Back cards though.  If you know how to explain expansion teams to a 6 year old please tell me cause I failed at it.

On to the cards.

Pack 7
98  Brook Jacoby (Indians)
258 Steve Yeager (Mariners)  -Used to have a guy that worked for me named Steve Yeager.  Good Guy!!

244 Mark Clear (Brewers)
50 Dave Smith (Astros)
241 Mike Krukow (Giants)  x2    The back to back doubles strike again
115 Donnie Moore (Angels)

Pack 8 
280 Jeffrey Leonard  (Giants)
336 Dennis Lamp (Indians)
165 Jeff Reardon (Twins)
262 Joe Sambito (Red Sox)
325 Garry Templeton (padres)
184 Paul Molitor (Brewers)
190 Jim Sundberg (Royals)

Pack 9
80 Wally Joyner (Angels)
154 Rick Reuschel (Pirates)
82 Kirby Puckett (Twins) x2
135 Mike Easkler (Phillies)
210 LLoyd Moseby (Blue jays)
241 Mike Krukow (Giants)

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