Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dan, What A Mailday!! Post 6 (The Pinnacle of Junk Wax)

I have seen it argued before but ti me 1990 is the absolute pinnacle of the Junk Wax era.  Every time I have ever bought a big lot of cards when I sort them the 1990 stack is always the largest.  I always find something I need too.  The box Dan sent was the same way in that the stack of 1990 cards was the biggest.  Unlike any other lot I also needed every 1990 card he sent.
I remember going to Hills as a kid.  I went before the junk wax era though so I didn't have any cards.

Thanks to a Google search and then a Wiki page I found out that Hills was bought out by Ames in 1999.  But it didn't last and folded in 2002.  We will always have their cards though.

This is one of those oddball Score cards.  The Writers Journey left a comment saying they were part of a boxed set in 89.  Figure that 90 was the same way.

Dear Post - I would buy a lot more of your products if you put baseball cards in them again.

It's Wade and Wade and Wade and Wade and Wade and Wade...

So many Fleer mini sets.  And I will never own them all.

I randomly get one of these Red Sox minor league cards every now and then.  I think I am actually getting close to the set finally.

Now that is a group of Swell cards. 

KayBee put out a good set of cards in 1990.  I mean just look at the quality of stars in the Red Sox team set alone.  A quick internet search says that Toys R Us bought out KayBee 2 years ago.   

I scanned these a week ago when I got the package.  Now that I am posting them I realize that I must now pull that Nick Esasky card and find out just what he was the League Leader in.

I was told that card companies designated guys as All Stars even when they were not All Stars.  These two however look like All Stars to me.

I still have a decade of cards to post and the well is running dry.  OR maybe it is just that 1990 Pacific cards are not exactly great fort the creative juices.

A few ears ago I had a friend that bought an early 90 Honda bike to turn around for a buck.  It was dark blue with Neon pink decals all over it.  It took us hours to peel all the pink off of it.

Somehow I didn't have many 1990 Leaf Red Sox.  Dan helped out though I still need Clemens and Brunansky.

These are not 1990 Fleer I finished that set off years ago.  These are Fleer Update.  The whole team set to be exact.  Aren't Greg Harris' glasses horrific?

This was one complete post.  With these cards Dan finished off my Classic Update, Fleer All Stars, Fleer League Leaders, Fleer League Standouts, Fleer MVPs, Fleer Update, KayBee, Pacific Legends, Post, Ames, and Hills team sets.

This isn't the last of what Dan sent either.  There is still over a decade to go.

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night owl said...

I agree, 1990 is the junkiest of the junk wax years. Chris Olds is wrong again!