Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Group Break Update - Need Addresses

I busted  the box and you should start seeing the results soon.  But I'm going to warn you, I was not very happy with the results.  I went out and spent all the rest of the group break money and a few dollars of my own to get something that was cheap but also something that hopefully some of you would want.  So what I did is I bought a brick of 87 Leaf cards.  I got them from one of my LCSs for a good price.  It is about 800-1000 cards.  I will break it up per the teams you choose.  Since I am already out some money on this I'm not going to ship every single double to you out of the Leaf, hopefully I save a few cents in shipping that way.  (But I will ship all the OPC doubles since that is what you paid for to start with) (unless you don't want them, I understand if you want to be the guy with the most 87 OPC Rob Deer cards.  Actually I can't understand that but if you want them you got them)

I'm not going to post the results of the Leaf just expect them in the mail with your other cards.  The first Pack Break is scheduled for in the morning.

I need addresses for

1967ers and Tribecards.  I have an old one for you David but wanted to make sure it was still the same.


--David said...

No worries on the break, man! We knew what we were in for when we signed up! It's the chance we take, right? ;-) Sent my addy to ya!

1967ers said...

Sent mine!

I thought I had better memories of OPC collation than that. Maybe that's how I wound up with 17 '84-85 Denis Savards.

AdamE said...

You could tell everything was from the same sheets because they were all miscut the same.

1967ers said...

OPC always looked more "torn" than "cut." 1980 is the best/worst.

1968-69 hockey - they're all diamond cuts. It's never a question of whether your card is miscut, just how badly.

--David said...

I sent you my address (yeap, it's the same. I dont foresee moving anytime soon. or ever.), let me know if you didn't get it.