Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Group Break packs 1-3

Well here goes.  I hope you are not expecting much because like I said I wasn't very happy with it.

Pack 1 
 150 Wade Boggs (Red Sox)   - Good start to this box.
370 Fred Lynn (orioles)
370 Fred Lynn(orioles)   Fred was never meant to be in a uniform other than the Sox.
189 Joe Hesketh (Expos)
100  Steve Garvey (Padres)
72 Walt Terrell (Tigers)
204 Chris Chambliss (Braves)

Pack 2
300 Reggie Jackson (A's)
292 Franklin Stubbs (Dodgers)
216 Steve Farr (Royals)
54 Dick Schofield (Angels)
317 Clint Hurdle (Cards)
317 Clint Hurdle (Cards)
263 Mitch Webster (Expos)

Pack 3
300 Reggie Jackson (A's)
54 Dick Schofield (angels)
54 Dick Schofield (angels)
348 Carmelo Martinez (Padres)
244 Mark Clear (Brewers
277 TomHenke (Jays)
241 Mike Krukow (Giants)

Three packs with back to back doubles.  I'm beginning to see a pattern here...

More packs will be posted throughout the day.


- dw said...

Er, is there more?

1967ers said...


Sorry you haven't had a great time with it yet. I collected the bejeebers out of this in '87 and it was my favourite set of all to put together.

Drop the gum and see if it shatters. It did that when it was new, too. :)

What's the promo on the wrapper?

1967ers said...

Oh - the other thing that you'll see with OPC is that the 396 cards they didn't print would tend to be guys you've never heard of. There is a greater star/schmuck ratio in OPC as compared to Topps.

Of course, they tended to miss hot rookies this way.

AdamE said...

No promo on this wrapper, just the say no to drugs comic. The other wrapper has a pennant promo on it.

- dw said...

Ha, I should probably learn to read better. :)