Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finishing up the 1987 O-Pee-Chee Group Break

Pack 31
262 Joe Sambito (Red Sox) x2  somewhere out there is a box with 8 Bonds RC in it instead of this card.
190 Jim Sundberg (Royals)
223 Charlie Leinbrandt (Royals)
66 Marc Sullivan (Red Sox
366 Randy St Claire (Expos)
288 Tito Landrum (cards)

pack 32
288 Tito landrum (Cards)
360 Pedro Guerrero
158 Ed Romero (Red Sox)
24 Jesse barfield (Blue Jays)
241 Mike Krukow (Giamts)
215 Mark Langston (Mariners)
35 Sid Bream (Pirates)

Pack 33
188 Rob Deer (Brewers) Trying to overthrow Sambito for most doubles in a box
325 Garry Templeton (padres)
240 Steve Balboni (Royals)
190 Jim Sundberg (Royals) x2
73 Bob Kearney (Mariners)
66 Marc Sullivan (Red Sox)

Pack 34
237 Jim Morrison (Pirates) x2
285 Oil Can (Red Sox)
310 Frank Viola (Twins)
357 Willie McGee (cards)
72 Walt Terrell (Tigers)
165 Jeff Reardon (Expos)

Pack 35
50 Dave Smith (Astros)
316 Brian Fisher (Pirates)
243 Bill Doran (Astros)
285 Oil can x2
280 Jefferey Leonard (Giants)
357 Willie Mcgee (Cards)

Pack 36
235 Alin Davis (mariners)
328 Bob Welch (Dodgers)
360 Pedro Guerrero (Dodgers) x2
241 Mike krukow (Giants)
251 Tom Hume (Phillies)
35 Sid Bream (Pirates)


  • If there were blogs back in 87 O-Pee-Chee would have got hammered for their coalition.  Half the packs had doubles in them.  
  • There were 8 Rob Deer, joe Sambito, and  Dave Smith cards.  All miscut on the back exactly the same.  (there may be 8 cards of others two those 3 just jumped out at me.
  • 1987 Gum tastes horrible and is hard as a rock.
  • My son agrees.
  • I didn't notice any gum stains on any cards.
  • Some of you may get cards that have gum attached to them.
  • If you get one of these gum stuck cards don't worry about it you probably got a double as well.
  •  I have a new respect for people that break boxes and type out the results.  This sucks.
  • No Conseco or Bonds.  It  could have been searched but everything was miscut exactly the same so I don't think it was.  But looking at eBay why bother.
  • I don't like to watch them but I now know why people do box breaks on video.  
I'll be shipping packages soon.  If you don't want all your doubles please let me know soon.  Hopefully I can ship these all as $1.71 packages.


    cubsfan731 said...

    I certainly want my doubles! Can somebody say B-I-P!

    1967ers said...

    Clearly, when I collected this set, I never bought entire boxes of it.

    Hockey was better collated. Not sure how, since it would be the same equipment.

    cynicalbuddha said...

    Damn 8 Rob Deer and not a single Yount. Damn you OPC!!!! Maybe the doubles in the pack was an OPC gimmick of the day? I see some TTM to Rob Deer in my future!!!

    night owl said...

    I'm going to enjoy looking at all those '87 OPCs as much as you enjoy looking at '62 Topps, but have my Dodgers I must.