Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dan, What A Mailday!! Post 4 (early 80s)

Surly I'm not the only one that needs early 80s cards.  It is kind of embarrassing in a way but I actually need quite a bit of them.
  Dan helped me out by sending a whole bunch of them my way.  Feast your eyes on the early 80s awesomeness that he sent.

I never really bought any Fleer cards.  Not when I was a little kid, not even when I was a teenage collector. Fleer was just outside of my card realm.  Yaz either hit pop fly or a towering home run.  I'm going to imagine it is a home run.

It turns out I already had this card.  It was on my checklist that I needed it but somehow it was in with my 82 Donruss instead of 83.  It is probably because the copyright date in the tiny print at the bottom say it is an 82.

You would think they could have painted Teds hat on straight. He was the greatest hitter of all time for crying out loud. 

When I wear a belt I put the belt buckle in the middle.  Just saying...

84 Donruss is another much over looked set, by me at least.  It actually isn't so bad.  Some nice action shots along with a few posed shots.  What is not to like.  If Night Owl tries to name this one it should be the music set because the lines at the bottom remind me on the lines in sheet music and the Donruss sign looks like a note.

This is a 1984 Glossy Insert.  Otherwise known as one of those send in sets I was never allowed to purchase.  It is funny what was considered glossy back then compared to now.

I have been slowly tracking down all the 84 Fleer.  It is about the ugliest set ever though.  Wade didn't get cut off by my scanner the card is really that far off center.  We forget how good we have it now-a-days.

Yep, more 80 Fleer, it is kind of the standard for this post.  Although the stands look empty that is in game action on the Buckner card.  There is no way he practiced that before every game. 

The other day I mentioned how my brain doesn't remember Jim Rice as being a happy guy.  But once again here he is with a smile on his face.  If I wasn't bussy scanning hundreds of cards I would break out the 70s binder and see how many more smiling Rice cards I find.


The Canadians called, they want their cards back.  Too bad though because I call no take backs.  They have hoarded their Leaf and O-Pee-Chee long enough. 

Tony kind of looks like George Jefferson on this card.

Mark looks like Jeremy Davies playing Dickie Bennet in Justified.  You know, inbred and strung out.

Just so you know 86 counts as early 80s.  Late 80s starts in 87 at least it does for me.  Probably because I started collecting cards in 87 and everything pre 87 seems like an old card to me.

There is Buckner in that pose again.  It's an 86 card to boot.

To Boot...  get it...

Mmmmm... Chicken

This card was Fleer's attempt to make a Sportflic.  Close your eyes and think smile, when you open them Wade is happy.  Close your eyes and think mad, when you open them Wade is mad.

Not all Fleer cards are created equal.  Some are much harder to come by like this from the 87 Update set. 

 Last of the early 80 cards.  This is a 1985 Quaker Jim Rice.  Once again he is happy on his card.  I think it must be because that Amish guy had to have built a time machine to make Jim look that young in 85.
  I wonder how many times they had to whip that horse to get it up to 88 miles per hour.

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