Friday, May 6, 2011

Baseball Cards Rule

We all know that baseball cards rule but only one of us thought to name our blog that.  Here is some great stuff that Baseball Cards Rule sent me.

I have noticed that Nomar cards are starting to come in more often.  I'm guessing that it is been long enough since he retired that people no longer hoard his cards.  I hope that is the case.

Commander Kick Ass has finally been pitching like Beckett of old. 

Pedroia has basically carried the team so far.  If somehow someway we get back to first he needs to be in contention for MVP. 

This isn't a normal Chrome this is a Refractor Dice-K.

Remember that begging post I did about Oil Can Boyd a week or so ago?

 It resulted in not only getting the last 86 Donruss I needed but he also sent a 85 Fleer I didn't have.  It also made me realize how few 85 Fleer Red Sox I had.

Thanks for the great cards.

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