Saturday, May 21, 2011

I know you dont care but...

Yea, I know you don't care but here is another Virdon I picked up off ebay.  It was listed as a 1983 TV slide.  I'm not sure if it is homemade or was issued somehow but it looks like an old time slide projector slide.  Though you can't tell from the scan.

It actually looks really nice.  Nicer than my scanner can show you.

The guy I got it from has a whole bunch of them listed.  He even recently listed 2 more Virdons though my wife is saying not to buy them right now.  Usually that is reason enough to go ahead and pull the trigger but with the new business start up this time she is right.  I just hope they are still around when I have the extra cash.

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--David said...

I have several slides from Pacific that were possible card photos (ones they could choose to make cards of). This looks a lot like those.