Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dan, What A Mailday!!

I didn't use that title because I didn't want to offend anyone I used it because I got a box of cards from Dan.  Dan is a fellow Red Sox collector so we are good outlets for doubles.  This isn't the first package I received from him but it was definatly the biggest.  He warned me I had a package coming he didn't tell me however that it was an 800 count box almost completely full of cards that were ALL OFF MY WANT LISTNever have I received as many cards that were new to me as this package.  It would be the greatest package I ever received if I hadn't got that 58 Williams, Hines Root Beer Virdon, and O-Pee-Chee Red Sox package from Joey earlier this year.  Quality wins over quantity, however the shear mass of this package gives Joey's package a run for it's money. 

I was having scanner problems but it is fixed now.  I have my old scanner back.  That doesn't mean anything to you but it does to me.  This scanner blows every other scanner I have ever had out of the water.  It is unbelievable how much faster it is than other scanners.  To celebrate this package and the return of my scanner I am going to do like Tribe Cards and scan every card that Dan sent.  There was a lot of them so I'm going to break it up into bite sized chunks. 

This is chunk one, vintage.

First we have 1955 Bowman or the TV Set.  Not sure if Night Owl crisined this set yet, but it is the TV set regardless.

Somehow it occured to me while scanning that if I put one card above the other I can post them bigger without them running into the margin.  I like the 70s red batting helmet better than than what the Sox use now. 

 Whoever designed the 72 set had problems.  I like it, I mean I hate it, I mean I like it, I mean...  Just depends on my mood I guess.
 I probably made 20 different trade offers for this card on the Diamond giveaway and never had any takers.  Not redicules offers I was offering 4 1977 cards or a 67 card but no takers.  In hand is better than the virtual card.  No more offers for "The Hair".  Love the jacket though.
 I know 1980 Topps isn't really vintage.  But this isn't 1980 Topps.

See?  No?

How about now?  Yes this is Canadian cardboard.  1980 O-Pee-Chee which to me is just as rare as many vintage cards.

More scans to come.

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Anonymous said...

1980 OPC actually is comparatively rare. There was a printer's strike that year that affected production. I'm not sure my local stores even had them. I had a lot of '79 and '81, but no '80 cards out of wax.

Many of the cards produced were in rotten shape - OPC wasn't great at replacing the cutting wires at the best of times, but 1980 baseball is the worst I've seen for rough cuts. It's one of the tougher sets to finish. Not as bad as '74, but bad.