Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Mailbox Shock

I found this draft from 2007.  I have no idea who sent these cards to me.  

I love going to the mailbox and getting a shock. unless it is a bill  Card shock is always great.  I recently got one of those shocks.  I was warned that some cards were coming but I didn't expect an 800 count box full of Red Sox.  Here is a tiny portion of what I got.

  • Yes, I still need 1993 Bowman cards. I was only collecting football in 93 so the want list is extensive.
  • Cyborg Mo - Hard to see but he has a metal arm and leg.
  • A rookie Nomar
  • Hard to see in the scan but that is a Donruss Press Proof Mo Vaughn.  The first one I have ever had.
  • Wakefield is in back in the rotation and I now have a blue parallel Wake.
  • Of all the painted sets ever made 2003 Playoff Portraits may be the very best ever.  
  • Pedro was supposed to go on a different scan.

Upper Deck Timeless Teams are kick ass. Somehow I missed that set but I am always glad to find some.  The big checklist means I wall be chasing them for years.  I received 7 in this box so to fill the scan here are 2 Nomars.

The floodgates were opened with Nomar cards as you could see in past posts.  Now I hope the Pedro floodgates open.  If they do this package will be the start of it.  I think if I decided to bite off player collecting again I would probably choose Pedro.  The best pitcher that I have ever seen and he has a ton of great cards.

Thanks again for the great box of cards.

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Fuji said...

Love the card stock on the 2003 Playoff Portraits. They feel and look like they were actually individually painted.