Thursday, March 15, 2012

State Of The Blog

If I actually had any regular readers they would have noticed that I'm not really posting that much anymore. It isn't for lack of collecting interest and it isn’t cause I don’t appreciate every card all you wonderful traders have sent me either. Call it life. The last year has been a world wind for me. I’m the type of person that doesn’t seek out change and that is all I have seen lately. A year ago I had worked at the same place for 15 years, drove the same vehicle for 13 years, and lived in the same place for 20 years. After all those constancies I’m now on my 3rd job in a year, 3rd vehicle in a year, 3rd move in a year and my wife has started her own business; throw in expecting a new baby this summer and that world wind turns into a hurricane of change. I still love my Red Sox, Steelers and cards though, that has remained constant, it is just that this perfect storm has life turned upside down. This equals no time or interest in blogging. Every now and then the urge hits me though so I won’t totally quit blogging but don’t expect it too often so I don’t see myself making dayf’s Tops of the Pops list anytime soon. Dayf – get your head out of that pony’s ass Flushing and add Dime Boxes to the Top list already, in a short time Nick has etched out a spot as one of the best card blogs out there. Now before I tick anyone else off here is the state of the blog:
• Blogging is on the back burner.

• Not blogging but still trading. If you have some Red Sox that need a good home I’ll be your huckleberry.  I really need to get to Tombstone, I'm only a few hours away.

• I meet in person with two other bloggers in the last week.
  • First I meet Mark of Collector’s Crack at a spring training game. After I talked with him and made it back to my seat I felt like an ass because I forgot to congratulate him and his new wife on their recent nuptials. Sorry guys, congrats. I hope you enjoyed your time in the desert. (how could they not enjoy Phoenix in the spring after spending the winter in Alaska) Also, thanks for the cards.
  • Yesterday I meet Shawn, AKA Corky, from Pack War. I first traded with him when I still lived in Missouri and this time we traded in person when he came by my wife’s office and dropped off some cards for me. I was on my way out the door so it was a real quick hi and goodbye but I'm sure we'll get together again sometime.  Thanks for the cards Shawn
• I made a major Player Collection addition. I found a 2010 Topps Heritage 1961 Buyback Bill Virdon and scooped it up for $10 off of COMC. I don’t know what the print run is on the buyback cards but I had never seen a Virdon before. I have located another one on Beckett’s trade site but I am having trouble getting in touch with the owner. Has anyone ever used Beckett as a trading platform and does anyone have an e-mail for wickercat, I think his real name is Brandon Hicks?

• That 3rd move I mentioned earlier is happening this weekend so if you have my address on file, throw it away.

• As much as I hated to see Tito go Valentine has impressed me so far. Consider me happy with the manager choice until further notice.

• Ellsbury, Gonzalez, and Youkilis are going to be in the top 10 MVP voting; you heard it here first.

• Hines – It was sad to see you go but really it was time. I hope to see your smile on the Steelers sidelines again one day as the Wide Receiver Coach.

·         I shipped out cards for Scott, Nick, Matt, and Dustin this week so I don’t owe anyone cards at the moment; at least I don’t think so.  If you are not one of those guys and I owe you cards please let me know.

• 2012 Topps isn’t as bad as everyone has made it out to be. If you don’t believe me get out your 2004-2008 Topps cards and compare. We are all spoiled from 2009-2011.

• I’m going to hit about 10 D-Back games this year. They have moved up to 3rd on my favorite team list. I guess it is kind of expected though since they are the only show in town.

• 11 thoughts is more than I have given in 6 months did you really think I was going to give you an twelfth?

Random Red Sox Card
1950 Bowman for $2.50 thank you Check Out My Cards


Doc said...

I can completely relate. I had a similar whirlwind 2 years ago, and my baby girl was born just last year :)

Life, and especially family, always comes first. Never be worried about pleasing a blog audience, we're very understanding. lol.

Preemptive congrats on the new baby!

Collective Troll said...

Yeah Adam, like Matt said "family first and don't worry about yer blog audience"... We all still love ya whether yer posting or not... You have had a fantastic blog for many, many years... That makes you a blogging legend, one of the founding fathers, a trailblazer, a trend starter, a vet who gets an exemption out of respect...
Like you I have gone through some of those changes after decades of steadiness. I didn't move though. That is pretty huge. I don't think I would feel right about sending those yucky red sox cards to anyone but you... I will keep my Virdons though and BTW, that is a fantastic card, a good price and top rate pickup... Virdon has an auto in the 2012 Heritage, too. I REALLY want that card as his '63 card is the first Virdon player card I owned. I am jealous that you got to meet other bloggers in person. I have plans to go to a game with Smeds Cards someday soon, but hectic schedules don't allow solid plans... Anyhoo, I do have a package ready to go for ya, but I will wait for that new address... Moving sucks, but fresh starts are exciting. Make the most of it! Being a part of a team (with the Wife) makes things sooooo much easier. You two sound really happy and I know you are intelligent and driven, so all the crazy changes will prove to be awesome for you both... Life throws curveballs, but I know that you are more than just a fastball hitter... I would like to meet you someday in person, but as an E-friend, you seem like a remarkable person... Like I said 300 words ago-family first - you blog fans will remain and if you post once every three months we will read it! Congrats on the baby!!!! That is great news! I don't think the world needs another Red Sox fan, but I am sure he or she will be a smart cookie and not share Dad's error in judgements when selecting a baseball team to root for, ha! Cheers and congrats and good luck Adam!!!

AdamE said...

Thanks Matt!! I hope you like the package I sent you.

AdamE said...

Man, not only does Troll write epic long posts he leaves epic long comments.

Thanks for all the kind words Marck!!

Play at the Plate said...

Shoot me that new address when you get it and I'll send you some goodies. I could echo Matt and Marck, but I think Marck used all the bandwidth on the internet for his comment. No matter when you post, it'll show up in my blogroll and I'll be there to read it! Good luck with the move.

cynicalbuddha said...

Hey Adam, It was great meeting you too and thank you for the need list help. I didn't know if you had any of those old Topps stickers, but I bought a box at the LCS for super cheap. I ended up making two complete sets and still had hundreds of left overs so I've been throwing some into every trade I've made. I figure if nothing else you can go stick them on something. And funny you mention Tombstone. The wife and I ended up going down to Tombstone and of course when you're there you have to do the reenactment. "I'm a daisy if you do!" I might even have some Steelers stuff for you too. And congrats on the new one coming this summer!