Tuesday, April 23, 2024

A Mail Day First

 I got in shipment number three of my 2023 Team Sets.  One of the sellers was Eastern_Shore_Sports_Cards and I bought the Topps Inception team set from him.  I have never seen Inception before so I didn't know what I was getting.  But what I really really didn't know I was getting was the free Bowman Best team set he sent.  

Free team set, I'll Take It!!  Luckily I had not ordered that team set this year.  Somehow it fell through the cracks because I didn't even have it on my checklist.  With the logo in the background and the kind of snowflake motif these kind of remind me of the Christmas Ornament card inserts' from long ago.  

The inception cards are a surprise themselves.  They are super thick.  Thicker than a jersey card, maybe two jersey cards together even.  They are kind of weirdly repetitive but not repetitive at all.  I think Night Owl would label it the paintbrush and clouds set.  I like the 

Thanks for the free cards Eastern Shore Card Store whoever you are. 


night owl said...

I still don't have last year's Dodgers Bowman's Best team set. Getting pretty lax these days.

AdamE said...

I'll be honest. My very first stop when trying to come up with a 2023 team want list was your Dodger want list. Then I hit Topps website and quickly abandoned that and figured it out on my own because their set list is a mess. (but not as big a mess as Panini's list is.

Fuji said...

I like last year's Inception design... but the product itself is too similar to 5 Star. I wish Topps would cut back on the number of products they released and spend more time developing the ones they do.

P.S. Free is nice.