Friday, June 14, 2013

I Need Some Help From a Canadian Blogger or an Expos Collector

If you read my blog you know that I am trying to get one of every Bill Virdon card.  There is a common card though that has eluded me for years.  I know it exists but I have never seen it.  I don't mean in person I mean on eBay or any other card site.  The card I am talking about is a 1984 Expos Stuart #38 Coaching Staff card.  It has the entire Expos coaching staff on it which included Virdon.  I don't know much about the set and since I have never seen this Virdon card I'm going to guess it was a local set.  (hence the Canadian/Expos help)

There is a complete set listed on eBay right now for $10 and it ends in 2 days.  I don't want to give $10 for this one card so hopefully someone out there has the card for trade.  Please help!


deal said...

wow some interesting folks in that set though. You can likely pass on it and it will come up again, I meam who else is going to bid on that. maybe a Pete Rose collector.

Fuji said...

There's a guy on Sportlots who has the Virdon for 35¢. But I'm more interested in the Rose. That card is awesome!

gcrl said...

I picked one up for you. Shoot me an email. Gcrl@comcastDOTnet