Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Latest Great Listia Pickup

I made another killing on a Listia lot.  First of all for reference 250 credits cost $5 if you were going to purchase them.  I listed a 1999 Finest Nomar that I had 2 or 3 of and received 137 credits for it.  With me so far?  I then got the following lot for 134 credits.  

That is forty-six 1971 Topps card for a Nomar double.  That is a killer trade in my book.  The Brewer cards are earmarked for Collectors Crack and if David in Arkansas needs the Indian it is his.  Everything else is for trade to my fellow bloggers.  What you guys don't need is getting listed back on Listia one card at a time.  

If you guys are not using Listia to pick up cards  yet you really should be.


Daniel Wilson said...


Simons44 said...

I joined through your link. I hope you get some kickbacks for it

AdamE said...

Thanks Simons!!