Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Refractors and Gold Cards for trade

I picked up some refractors and gold cards from mynew LCS.  If you would like to trade for any of these please leave a comment. My wantlist is right here.


(...Joe) said...

I'm interested in the Reyes refrac. Shoot me an email!

joemiench at yahoo.com

Dawgbones said...

I would love to try and find you something for those Phillies, especially the Gold Moyer.

Derek Hill said...

I'd love to get that Braves gold off your hands. Maybe the gonzo too.
I've got a 11 Heritage Ortiz, 11 Opening Day Lester & 11 Topps Black Wal Mart Beltre. Shoot me an email

AdamE said...

Joe - Reyes is yours

All the Phillies are saved for Dawgbones

Derek has dibs on The Braves and Gonzo Gold Cards.

Chipper is still up for grabs.