Monday, October 11, 2010

Trade with Behind These Hazel Eyes

I recently made a trade with Behind These Hazel Eyes I send out a bunch of WBC and older football cards in exchange for Red Sox.

Here are a few inserts.  One of the many different colored Starquest cards that I need.  I like chasing rainbows but it is kind of rough trying to chase the entire rainbow of an entire team.  I'm doing the same thing with the Heroes set.  I don't figure I will ever complete that rainbow though.  I think I can get the black and grey complete but not the Red, Blue, Brown, etc...  I'm now one card closer to each rainbow.

Not everybody know I collect boxing cards.  This first one was a surprise in my package.  I have only seen a scan of a Helmar's boxing card in a post that someone did long ago.  (I think Cardboard Junkie)  I had no idea that the cards are extremely thick.  They are the same thickness as one of those dummy cards the manufactures throw into packs to detour searchers.  Long ago I tried to get a copy of this Arthur Abraham auto from Mario.  He traded it off to someone else though.  It is finally mine.  I'm not a big Aurthur Abraham fan or anything but I am a big boxing fan so I'm happy to get a certified Boxing Auto.

This last card was on my Top 10 Most Wanted List.  It has been replaced by 2009 Topps U/H #256 Tim Wakefield.  That will complete my 2009 Topps team set for me once I get it.  Look on the sidebar for my want list.  Quite a bit of stuff that should be easy to come by.

Thanks for the trade.  I hope you liked what I sent as much as I like what I received.


Anonymous said...

That Arthur Abraham auto came to me from Mario. It was one of the prizes from his Bad Hits contest from WAY back in the day that I won via being the only person who entered. As if anyone could have beaten my So Taguchi bat card/Joe Klopfenstein RC jersey auto combination anyway, lol. :P

AdamE said...

The fact that this is the same card that got away makes the Abraham card even cooler.

Twitch said...

Indeed, indeed. Sorry I didn't have nearly as much to send as I was hoping. I immediately felt bad after seeing all the great stuff you sent. So if I ever end up with anything else you can use, I will send it along.