Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If I Were Commissioner of Baseball...

I’m not sure what number Bat-Blog-Around this is, 7 perhaps 8? Regardless Indians Baseball Cards posed the question what would you do if you were commissioner of baseball. Well here goes…

1. Expansion? - Hell No.. Not expansion contraction. Two teams gotta go. No economic factors will be taken into consideration. Starting next year the team with the worse record in baseball gets dropped. Not just next year each and every year. The teams that are dropped will be placed into the minors. Once the league is down to 28 teams the worst team still gets dropped. And the pro-team with the best minor league record gets promoted.

2. Playoffs – I like what we have lets keep it.

3. It's too expensive to go to games. Each stadium must have a percentage of low cost seating. And not just the worst seats either. I will make my rounds of each stadium sitting in different sections until I decide which ones need a price adjustment. (Being commissioner has to have some kind of perk)

4. Salary Cap – No I think my dropping the worst team idea will keep the lower level teams honest and profit-sharing will work because small market teams won’t be able to pocket the money they will have to spend it or lose their MLB team.

5. DH – Love it. The National League should also have it. I don’t’ wan to piss off everybody though so I’ll leave it and all the old farts that like the no DH rule alone.

6. All Star Game – I know I am in the minority here but I like that it is in the middle of the season and I like that it decides the World Series home team. But I think that the players and coaches should actually try to win. So big bonus to the winners nothing to the losers. The biggest payday goes to the winning manager. Lets say 1,000,000 so he puts the best dam players in and tries to win the game not keep everyone happy.

8. Instant Replay – Eliminate it!! Kind of. The fans want he calls right, the players want the calls right, but even more the umps want the calls right. Add one extra ump to each game. That ump will be in the booth. Ump closest to the bag can make the call or opt to send it to the both. The booth has the final word and can overrule any call except balls and strikes.

9. Autographs – At games every player must sign autographs. (starting pitchers sign after games) 1 year = 20 autos, 2 years = 15, 3 years = 10 autos. After 3 years a player must sign 10 autos per $500,000 in their contract. This will ensure high profile guys have to sign. If Manny and A-Rod wants to make 20,000,000 a year they can sign 400 autos a game. This will keep fans happy and salaries down.

10. Joe Morgan will be banned from announcing. Not only that he shouldn’t even be interviewed again.

11. Pete Rose will never be on the Hall of Fame Ballot. He should have been enshrined already and will skip the election process.

12. Interleague – Keep it but change it. The NFL plays interleague and everybody still watches the Super Bowl so everyone that uses the “you shouldn’t see a NL team play a AL team till the World Series is full of it. Why do all interleague games have to be at the same time? More important that when interleague games are is the competitiveness between them.

13. All new stadiums must have a retractable roof. No exceptions. It is dam ridicules that Texas built a ballpark with no roof for less money than they gave A-Rod.

14. Baseball Cards MLB will push to MLBs presence amongst kids through baseball cards. There will be a sole license (like Topps has now) but there will be another company that is given permission to print cards for advertisements. That company will create things like Post Cereal Cards, Wal Mart, McDonalds, Burger King, etc…

15. If the pitcher throws at the batters head he is ejected. Anything else is baseball. Maybe 6 guys get beamed in a game, eventually they will work it out.

16. No erectile dysfunction commercials during games.

17. Draft Picks would be tradable just like the NFL.

18. Blackouts the areas need to be redefined. There is no reason in southern Missouri I shouldn’t be able to choose between a Cardinals and Royals game. I’m an equal distance from each and I share the same state with both of them. I’m sure this isn’t he only case either.

I’ll probably think of more later but that is all I got for now.


night owl said...

Re: Interleague. I wouldn't compare anything the NFL does to baseball. It's apples and oranges. Nobody cares what the NFL does. Whatever the NFL comes up with, people watch it anyway. Don't ask me why, they just do.

Baseball's different. People care -- really, really care -- about how things work in baseball. I think that's a good thing.

The Chairman of the Board said...

Enjoy what you wrote, although I was kind of tricked into coming to your site because I thought it was about the White Sox.