Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cards from Cards on Cards

Ok, serious now, I got a great package from Cards on Cards. It is a good thing that he collects sets along with Cardinals. If he only collected Cardinals I would never have anything to send him for all the great stuff I get from him. Cardinals go fast here in Missouri. (But Royals never do. Heck, they never go anywhere except for to the bottom of the division)

Between the package from Cardboard Junkie and this one I ended up only one card short of the 04 Finest team set. I now only need Bill Mueller to complete it. Does anyone out there have it? He is card number #14.

I also received a whole bunch of these 04 Topps First Edition. I didn’t ever even know these existed until I got this package. One of which is a newly signed Tiger. Topps tried to help Damon out by covering up the ball that is only about 10 feet from his body but crashing down to earth. I hope the cutoff man is standing about 30 yards out in the grass.

I decided to chase all the Topps insert sets this year. Usually I don’t but this year they seem to be as plentiful as base cards. Kerry helped out by sending quite a few of them.

Thanks for the great cards. I have those cards from my legendary trade bait set aside for you until I find some other stuff to go with them.


Wickedliquids said...

Yo Adam, send me your addy - trying to do a mail day tomorrow :)

MJ - Trade Bait!

madding said...

The Ortiz card was actually one of the cards on the outside of a repack box, where they try to disguise how crappy the packs are inside by putting cards around it. It was one of the better cards I've seen in one of those things. I'm a sucker for repack stuff for some reason.