Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So Far Behind

I am great at getting cards sorted out for trades.  I suck at shipping them though.  But I am actually about to start getting caught back up.  I shipped out 3 packages yesterday and I have 3 going today.  The problem is I have at least 7 stacks of cards sorted out for different people that I havn'e got in envelopes yet.  But I plan on getting them all out this week.  Almost every single one of these are surprize packages for people I have traded with before.  Surprize doesn't nessecarly mean bip but sometimes it does.  You will just have to open the packages to see...

I'm also behind on scanning in stuff I got in the mail.  I dont' mean a little behind.  I mean I still need to scan my Trick or Treat cards form Tribecards behind.

JD is running an Olympic contest that you need to check out here.

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