Friday, February 26, 2010

Two Packages - One Post

I have lots of packages to post because they all came in at the same time. So I’m going to double up and knock two out with one post.

The first one comes from Gordon (RedSoxCollector). I try to send him cards but have a hard time finding stuff for him. Hopefully you can find him something trade by checking out his want list.

I now own 3 Red Sox Legends of the Game thanks to Gordon. I read a report that Pappi is still crying that he doesn’t have Manny batting behind him anymore. To me he doesn’t warrant having a big hitter batting after him anymore. Hopefully he proves me wrong this year because we could really use the old Big Pappi.

Gordon also sent a handful of these Gold Winner cards. I had never seen on of them before. Gold ones yes but never a Gold Winner. I believe these were some kind of contest or mail in card.

Package #2 comes from the Wax Wombat. I don’t remember exactly what I sent him other than I did send him some oddball stuff. Yes he likes your not normal baseball card. Cards from cereal and hot dogs make his day. I think I even snuck a McDonald’s card in his package. In return I got:

I think this is the only card I have seen that shows Fenway like this. Usually if they show the outside of Fenway on a card they show the brick side.  This card alone makes me like this years Upper Deck.

Rumor has it the Lowell to the Rangers trade may be back on. I really liked Lowell as a player. I’m going to miss him but I understand it is time for him to go.

Another 08 Opening Day for the 2008 binder. I don’t know what is is about these that I really like. Maybe it is because they are just so bloody gaudy. In my opinion Topps should have done the base set in red like this and Opening Day in white.

Thanks for all the cards guys.


Offy said...

The 1992 Winner cards were Topps response to poor execution on a contest inserted in packs that year. You could see through the scratch off material on the cards so every single one was a winner. Instead of flooding the market with regular gold cards which were the originally intended prize, they came up with the winner cards which are plentiful.

Offy said...

... and now I'm off to film a "Two Packages - One Post" reaction video.