Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cobb and Halladay

I have wanted this card ever since I first saw a scan of it and Cobb and Hallady was nice enough to send it to me.  I also got a bunch of other great cards in the package.

Some parallels.  Most peopl hate parallels.  I however kind of like them.  They are the only kind of inserts that I collect.  This is the first 2010 Gold card I have and also the first Bazooka Blue.

Relics - I don't really collect relics but I do want at least one of every Red Sox.  I don't have a list of them anywhere but somehowhe must have known exactly which ones I needed because I didn't have a Buchholz or Evens yet.  This is my 4th different 09 Clubhouse Collection Red Sox.  I added them to my want list because I figure if have that many I may as well try for them all. 

I sure wasn't expecting an auto in the package I got but I am not complaining.  This is one of those autographs that are part of the actual team set so it was a really good one to get even if Cedeno never amounts to anything.

You can't tell in the scan but these are 09 Goudey mini cards.  Have I ever mentioned that I really like mini cards.  Yea I'm about 100% sure I have stated that many times before.

I hope you enjoyed the cards I sent even though they got there a little late.

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