Thursday, February 18, 2010

Going to a Vintage Card Show This Weekend

It is not very often that I get to go to a card show. The closest one gets to me is 2 hours away in Springfield. Not long ago I saw a post about a vintage show that Cardboard Junkie went to. He had a link to the guys website and when I clicked on it I saw that we was coming to Missouri. Only problem is that it is close to St Louis, which is over 3 hours from me. When I first saw it I mulled over going to it but didn’t really think I would since it was so far away. But then my wife decided to remodel the guest bathroom. That means I have to go to Home Depot, which is at least 2 hours away. That means that the card show is actually only an hour out of the way now. I will drive an hour out of the way for cards. So the trip is booked only thing to do now is prepare and wait. My checklists are all ready to go and I have made a priority list of things I want to get while I am there.
· Try to finish off some team sets.
     o 1960 Topps – Only need 2 cards.
     o 1953 Bowman – Only need 3.
     o 1956 Topps – I only need 6 cards
     o 1961 Topps – I need 8 more. (One is Yaz though)
     o 1969 Topps – only need 3 cards.
     o 1971 Topps - only need 4 more.

· Buy a really old Red Sox card. Right now my oldest Red Sox is a 50 Bowman. I’m aiming for a tobacco or an original Goudey while staying on budget.

· Buy a Preacher Roe I don’t already have. I still need a Rookie card and there is a bunch of oddball stuff, like Dixie Lids for example, that I don’t have yet.

· Buy a Ted Williams. Unless he has one in really bad condition I can’t afford a regular issue one and still be able get all of the other stuff I want. So, I will probably have to settle for one out of the Fleer Williams set.

· Buy a vintage boxing card. I’m going to look for the 2 1938 Churchman I need but since I need Joe Louis and Jim Braddock they may well be out of my price rage. I will probably go with 48 Leaf unless something else jumps out at me.

· Buy some 15-card pages. If the guy doesn’t have them at the show I am going to find a card shop somewhere in St Louis that does.

· Buy an older Yaz. I need the 1961 for the team set I have listed above but may not have enough for it and still get all this other stuff. I’ll probably end up with an Embossed or something like that.

· Buy a 1962 Bill Virdon. It should be cheap and it is the only regular issue (from his playing days) card of him I don’t have. (I actually only have a few of his managers cards, one day I’m going to pick up a bunch of them too) I may also pick up some oddball stuff of him if there is any to be found. Why Bill Virdon you ask?

· An old White Sox card for my son. The apple fell far from the tree. (At least is wasn’t’ so far that he is a Yankee fan)

I also plan on meeting another blogger while I am there. I already have an 800-count box of Twins ready for him. The money I save on shipping will make up for the extra hour I am driving out of my way to go to the show. (Not exactly, but it was one more excuse to use when convincing my wife that I needed to go) I’m pretty excited about going. Hopefully I have enough cash to get all the stuff I have listed.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I can get the 15-count pages for you! How many do you want? Any other specialty pages you need?

Do NOT forget to go to Home Depot!

AdamE said...

I need about 20 of the 15 card pages. I can't ever find them anywhere even in Springfield.

I would be visiting the couch for a few days if I forget to go to Home Depot.

See you there...

IkesCards said...

Good luck at the show. We may be headed over there on Saturday... although I work close enough that I may try to hit it tomorrow afternoon for a late, long lunch. If you can't find the mini card pages, Collector's Corner in Belleville, IL has a huge supply selection (3212 N.Illinois St. Belleville, IL 62226 Phone: 618-234-3299 ) and plenty of vintage, just ask.

IkesCards said...

One more thing... here's a link to the show flyer if you didn't have it already:

AdamE said...

Thanks for the info Ike. Even if I dont stop by that shop this weekend I am going to file the info away for future use. I'm in St Louis a half dozen times a year and don't know where a single card shop is.