Friday, February 12, 2010

Trader Joe

This package was definatly a WOW package.  I didn't expect anything close to what showed up in it.  I'll start with the coolest card in it.  All it took was a few Mets cards. 

By the Letter Devern Hansack:  This is my first By the Letter card.  I know it is a replica letter but these are still really cool, plus it is autographed.

It is hard not to post a Williams I get even if it is from the junk wax eara.  I'm not even sure what set it is from, I just know that I didnt' have it. 

2006 Bowman Heritage Foil - Kevin Youkilis:  I actually got 3 different foil Heritage in this package.  They were the first ones I have owned.  I have to now go and add a foil parallel to my checklist.  I dont' know why, I'll never own them all but I have to do it if I get multiple parallels.  Does anyone else bear this same burden?

Topps Pedro Insert:  This didnt' scan worth a darn.  It is actually a holograph.  Of at least as close to a holograph as I have ever seen from Topps.  Plus it is Perdo so it had to be scanned and shown off.

A whole gaggle of Turkeys.  I do not have to add these parallels to my checklist because I don't have any more of them in odd colors. 

I had to scan all of these Clemens and Nomars because I hardly ever get these two guys in trades.  People just hold onto the things.  (except for 87, and 88 Clemens I could do a heck of a bip with 87 of 88 Clemens)  There are many team sets out there that I got all the cards in one trade except for one of these two guys.  I'm sure there are at least 20 team sets that I am just needing a Clemens of Nomar.  Funny thing is eveerybody hates Clemens now but nobody wants to get rid of him.  Must be somehitng about those 7 Cy Young awards.
Joe - I realize that since I only sent you a few hundred Mets and a path you kinda got the short end of the stick on this trade so you can expect a surprize package from me one day when I have somehting else worth sending you.

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