Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Card Show #2 Post #2

Continued from yesterday...  If you haven;t read it yet go here first.

I had some goals in mind when I set out for the show this weekend.  In case you missed them here they are along with how I did meeting them.

· Try to finish off some team sets. - I didn't finish off even one team set.  I got withing one 1960 Topps, four 1961 Topps, four 71 Topps (Thanks to Rhubarb), and four 74 Topps (Again Thanks to Rhubarb).  Not to good considering this was priority number one.         Strike 1

· Buy a really old Red Sox card. Tobacco or an original Goudey while staying on budget.  Well I didn't get a tobacco card. I only found one Red Sox tobacco card at the whole show and the guy wanted $80. After I got home I found the exact same card on Ebay with a BIN of $26.  Like I said yesterday museum guy was a little high on his cards.  Friday I did however get a 36 Goudey and a 34 Batter-Up that I am going to count towards this goal.  I also got something almost as old Sunday.  But I'm saving the scans for the end.
· Buy a Preacher Roe I don’t already have.   I didn't even see a Preacher I didn't have yet.  I did however get a 54 Bowman for $2 Friday.         Walk

· Buy a Ted Williams. I actually got a few Ted Williams.  Friday I got two 59 Fleer and Sunday I got a third 59 Fleer.  I also got....  Getting ahead of myself again.                Triple

· Buy a vintage boxing card. I’m going to look for the 2 1938 Churchman I need but since I need Joe Louis and Jim Braddock they may well be out of my price rage.  I sould have bought a lottery ticket when I made this prediction.  Joe Louis was in the house but he was also $100.  I could buy the whole set for less than that on Ebay.  Museum guy had some 51 Ringside, a few Meccas, and even a few 48 Leaf.  he was real proud of them too.  So proud he he still has all of them.  I din't go home with a single boxing card.                        Takes first on dropped 3rd strike

· Buy some 15-card pages. They didn't have any at the show but Rhubarb Runner donated them to the cause.                      Single.

· Buy an older Yaz.  I really didn't see any Yaz cards all weekend except for an Embossed at museum guys booth for $25.  (Surely everyone has to be seeing a pattern here)            Strike 2

· Buy a 1962 Bill Virdon.  Got it.  Also got a '65 a '62 Post and a '62 kahn's Hot Dog card.         Triple

· An old White Sox card for my son.   My wife actually did the White Sox shopping for me.  She picked him out two '76 cards.                Single

Now for the money cards. 

1940 Playball Jimmie Foxx - A 60 year old card of a guy in the Hall of Fame.  I wasn't sure how good of a deal I got untill I got home and hit Ebay.  I got both Foxx and the next card together for less than any 1940 Foxx auction is at right now.

1940 Playball Lou Finney - I dont' know anything about Lou Finney.  In fact I never even heard of him.  After looking him up 1940 was the best of his career.  It was the only year he made the All Star team.

1952 Wheaties Ted Williams - I can't tell you how many of these I have watched on Ebay.  I always bid $25 and some change and always loose.  I didn't even have to give $20 for this one.  I'm going to be on the lookout for the in action version.
And Finally..

1947 Exhibit Ted Williams - You can't tell from the scan but this card is in emaculate condition.  Seriously I pulled cards out of packs last year in worse shaoe than this.  Funny untill Friday I had never even seen on of these and untill Dayf helped out Saturday I didnt' even know what set it was from and now I have two cards from the team set. 

Overall I wan't very impressed with the show in St Louis.  Yes there was some great stuff and I got some great stuff but it left me wanting.  I think alot of it had to do with the Springfield show I went to Friday.  It was much better with have the cards.  That or maybe it was because I was so rushed.  maybe I got there to late for any deals.  All in all I think I just got my hopes too high.  I invisioned a ton of cheap vintage bins and didn't find a single one.  Whatever it was I kind of doubt I go out of my way to drive all the way to St Louis to check out another show.  If I have another purpose to be there at eh same time I will go but 3 hours is a long way to go for cards.  I will however drive the 1.5 hours to go the the Springfield show again.  The next on is April 30th.  I don't know what my schedule is going to be then but I hope to find some way to go.

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Field of Cards said...

I collect that Fleer Williams set too. Probably for the same reasons: Vintage and affordable. I think it's a great set of a legend.

U scored some really old cards. Older than anything I own that's for sure.