Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cards From Howard

I know some people hate trade posts.  I however like them and read everyone of them that gets posted.  I can't tell you how many new trade partners I have found just from looking at other peoples trade posts.  Cards on Cards posted about a trade he made with a reader named Howard.  So I contacted him and worked out a trade myself.

This Hanley Ramirez SP Variation card was the center piece of our trade.  It seems Howard got a Heritage blaster full of varation cards and traded me this one and the Smoltz.

I also got this Manny from Howard.  I'm not exactly sure what it is but it reminds me of a Heads Up card even though it is made by Topps. 

I love mini cards.  the 09 A&G mini cards haven't exactly been rolling in this year.  These 4 gave me 7 for the year.  (I got more in the mail soon afterwards, when it rains it pours)  Last year I wrapped up the mini set before Thanksgiving.  It is now after new Years and I am still a long way form having them all. 

On a different note I hated this years A&G design.  (maybe that is why i didn't pursue the minis as hard this year)  BUt I have to say the black bordered cards are totally different.  Not only are they better than the boring black bordered cards from last year they make this years plain jane A&G look great.  The colored backgrounds scream or a black border.  I don't have any bordered cards from last year but I plan on at some poing getting all of the 09 ones.  Well the Sox anyway.

Thanks for the cards Howard.  I hope you Cubs made it t you safe and sound.

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Howard Bagby said...

They did and I am glad you are happy with what I sent you. Thank you very much. The Manny card is part of a set that Topps did for Wal-Mart. Each card had a different design. That one was based on a 1938 card set.