Thursday, February 25, 2010

I like to see big envelopes in the mail

If you read my post yesterday you saw that I received a bunch of packages in the mail Saturday. One package was bigger than the rest so I'm posting it first. Cardboard Junkie sent me a great big envelope of cards. He knocked a few hundred cards off of my want list. If you look at the scan below you can see it was filled with a smorgasbord of stuff.

It also contained a Bip. I got 15 90 Donruss Lee Smith. There are only 9 in the scan because my 5 year old ran off with the other 6. I had set them to the side as I went through the rest of the cards. He grabbed the whole stack and took off. See he has got it figured out that when dad gets red cards in the mail dad always gives them away. He also get the ones with pok-a-dots (2008 Topps) and black ones (2007 Topps)

I didn’t even know he took them until he brought the one with the writing on it back to me. He didn’t want it because it was wrote on. That made me happy to hear. That means that he was listening all those times I told him to be careful with cards because you don’t want anything to happen to them because they have to stay perfect. I mad him give me the rest of the cards back just long enough for me to scan them but he held onto 6 of them. I don’t know if he was afraid I wasn’t going to give them back to him again or not.

Reports from spring training say that Wakefield isn’t looking very good. He isn’t fully recovered from his off season back surgery. However Wake is guaranteeing that he makes the starting rotation at eh beginning of the season. If he does that means either Dice-K or Buchholz doesn’t make the rotation.

A card for my often forgotten Marino collection. I have received more Marino cards in the last month than I had acquired in the last 5 years combined. My collection basically stops at 97.

A 1959 Fleer Ted Williams. Of the entire card in the package this is the only one that I knew was coming. It became my 3rd 59 Williams and oddly enough I got my 1st and 2nd only the day before. I wonder how a whole set dedicated to a specific player would go over now a days?

I forgot how good Diamond Kings looked. I miss them and Topps Gallery. Upper Deck filled the emptiness for two years with masterpiece but we were without a good art set last year. Hopefully Chicle will fill the hollow.

Finally two Hall of Famers and one legend. I have been picking up Sweet Spot Classic base cards and SP Legendary Cut base lately. I just love getting new cards of old players. How come nobody ever puts out those kinds of sets anymore?

Thanks Dayf. I’ll get you mystery card mailed out probably later this week.


Gordon said...

Gotta love it when those big puffies tickle the mail box!

Hope Wake is ok. I would love to see them try bringing him in as a closer some time. If a fastballer like Bard has been pitching set up, the knuckler could really throw them off in the ninth.

dayf said...

Me likey MEEESTARY card!