Monday, February 15, 2010

Junkie Cards are no Junk

My first ever trade with a blogger as with Dayf the Cardboard Junkie.  I didn't have a blog yet but I stumbled across his and worked out a trade.  Soon I had my own blog and I have traded with tons of other bloggers.  This is our third trade (I think).

A bunch of vintage Red Sox.  I scanned them all at once not because I don't like them but to savescanner time because i am behind on trading posts and I'm scanning them all tonight reguardless of if I write a post or not. Hopefully then I can finally put them in my binders rather than on a shelf in the envelopes they came in.

I wish I was buying cards backin 2001.  I would love to have tried to collect this 100 card deep team set.  Since I wan't buying cards then I only have 4 of these and 3 I got in this trade.

A Gold parallel.  I have aspirations on a gold team set for every year.  That is a pretty bold aspiration since I don't even have all of the base team sets yet.

I like shiney and i like Nomar so that makes this a really great card.

Some Sweat Spot Classic base and a SP Legandary Cuts base.  I haev started to buy any of these I see lately.  I really like stars of yesteryear on new cardboard. 

Thanks for all the great cards Dayf.

I have about 200 more different Braves cards to trade off to an other Braves collectors out there that want them.  If so e-mail me at ajpca07 at hotmail dot com.

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