Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finally Some Mailbox Love

Editors Note - This was written last Saturday but I moved it out a couple days in order to post my Card Show Loot.

My mailbox has been empty lately (except for bills, no problem getting them) and I couldn't understand it.  I've sent out a ton of packages lately.  Probably over 20 so far this month.  But all week I came home from work to an empty mailbox.  Finally I hit paydirt on Saturday.  Five packages.  Oh yea.

This card came for Chris Crook.  Chris runs 2 blogs, Cardboard Hopes and The Call of Cardboard.  If I understand it right Cardboard Hopes is his blog and The Call of Cardboard is cards for his young son.  **Please correct me if I am wrong Chris.

I also received packages from Dayf, Gordon (Red Sox Collector), The Wax Wombat, The Pursuit of Red Sox/Jacoby/80s, and Cards on Cards plus my I Am Joe Collector's February Box Break loot.  I'll do a post on each of them later but right now I am busy working on a post about the card show I just attended. 

Thanks to each of you for the cards.

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Peterson said...

I am right there with you, man. including the one I am about to send to you, I sent out 7 this month and have only valpak to show for it. Serves me right for being the new guy. I don't wonder why anymore, if everyone is half as busy as I am during the week, I don't expect to see anything til april.